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Best Assembly Solutions: Exceed Your Requirements, Not Your Budget

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Nov 22, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

When it comes to your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solutions, you want the best quality without having to go over budget and lose money. While it may seem like an impossible feat, it doesn't have to be with the help of assembly solutions out there that aren't just out for your money with the worst quality service offered. What kind of solutions are there? And how can they help you save money?

Don't Go Off-shore

Most assembly companies outsource their assembly line to other countries, like China. However, the end result might turn out to be a product that doesn't work or has a less than average lifespan that could mean a faulty warranty. While it might be difficult to budget in United States based assembly, it is well worth it in both the long and short run. Try to choose PCB-assemblya PC board assembly company which keeps everything in the United States, from design to assembly to implementation. You will be feeding into the economy and seeing a higher grade of PCB products.

Keep An Eye Out For Counterfeit Product

A very common problem with PCB assembly, especially when outsourcing and going off-shore, is the volume of counterfeit product that could  mean a bad product that doesn't work, and reassembling an entire shipment. When looking into assembly solutions, it is best to find solutions which promise non-counterfeit products and have the ability to test to make sure the components are verified.

CNC Assembly Solutions

Recently CNC machines have been making a big splash with an ever-growing community of CNC manufacturers and hobbyists creating all sorts of different products, especially with the popularity of the Internet. However, it can also be a viable solution for small to medium production tasks with the right kind of cutter and miller. Because of its popularity, budgeting in CNC created products is becoming easier to do too.

SMT For Your PCB Needs

Also simply known as Surface mounted technology, a surface-mounted device in the PCB world is probably the most common assembly type that many different companies utilize for an inexpensive price. Most businesses prefer these types of components because they're smaller, can hold more on the board, and the parts for an SMT assembly costs less than other alternatives.

Robotic Assembly

Because most components are becoming smaller and harder to assemble by hand, most companies are using robotic hands to do the assembly work while humans still do the testing and rework should there be any problems with the parts after assembly. Because robotics in the assembly industry has become a common staple for smaller PCB's, using roboticrobotic-assembly assembly with human testing doesn't have to force you to go over budget.

Through-Hole Assembly Solutions

For those interested in having a stronger PCB than the ones created through SMT, through-hole technology is an option to consider. However, out of all these solutions listed, through-hole can still be on the pricey side and should be reserved with businesses with higher budgets to spend on assembly. Regardless, through-hole is best for electronics that need a stronger PCB, such as semiconductors.

When it comes to your own printed circuit boards, it is best to use your own judgement on these things. However, there are some requirements to consider for any project and budget, including if the company is United States based or there are counterfeit parts being used. The others include:

  • Product testing is a requirement, so don't skimp out on testing to try and get the most product.

  • If possible, look into green services so your parts are RoHs compliant.

  • Always use analysis for compliance, systems, and components. Just like with final product testing, don't cut corners with an analysis.

What type of assembly do you think will be best for your business or clients?

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