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PC Board Assembly: Stacked For Precision And Efficiency

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are boards made from fiberglass, ceramic and other materials on which interconnected circuits and components, are etched. The use of PCB has enabled electronic circuits to become more compact and convenient. Gone are the days when large wires were used in electronic devices. Today you can easily find such PCB’s in almost every appliance in your home. Computers, Televisions, Music systems, Digital clocks, Answeringpc-board-assembly machines, Microwave ovens  and more, virtually every appliance in your home has PCB of one or the other type. The heart of a computer its ‘motherboard’ is also a PCB. PCBs also find its place in computer components such as the RAM, Modem, and video cards.

The PCB rewards

The PC Board assembly has many advantages when compared to the older ways of building electronics. The assembly is a true picture of precision combined with high-end efficiency. You can easily compare the appliances of the past with current ones and can get aware that the former were very messy and bulky as compared to today’s sleek, systematic models. There are many good reasons that have led to such increased popularity of the PC board assembly use. The advantages these advanced boards have over the interconnected wiring methods and component mounting technique are;

  • PCBs fit several components in minimum space.

  • When considering mass production, the cost of fabrication is much lower.

  • The need for introducing parasitic capacitance and proper board design is minimized while successfully maintaining the characteristic of electronic circuits.

  • The uniformity in electronic characteristics is maintained, and remain unaltered on all chips of the PC board assembly.

  • Equipment maintenance and component identification seem easier as the location of electronic boards is fixed in this approach. 

  • The occurrence of error gets significantly reduced and there is considerable reduction in inspection time.PCB

  • The chances of short circuits and mis-wiring are very rare.

  • The assembly and component wiring is mechanized on a circuit board while manufacturing.

PCB board types

Today you can easily find PC board assembly in a diverse range. Few Include:

  • Single Sided Boards: Not used much these days, these are relatively the simplest board type; manufactured very quickly.

  • Double Sided Boards: These are predominantly used nowadays. These circuits symbolize durability, dependability, efficiency and solderability, which explain their wide utility.

  • Multi Layer Boards: Mostly used in small products, these are made of 20 or even more layers of circuitry. These are touted to be the costliest of boards you may find in the market.

  • Flexible Circuit Boards: A common type of board; these are used for connecting the print head to the printer in inkjet printers.

  • Rigid Boards and Exotics: that are described as the more specialized board types.

A PCB assembly service is crafted to offer you precision, efficiency and convenience that is top notch. Based on Surface Mounted Technology, these are a tenth in size and weight when compared to their Through Hole counterparts. Seeing the demand and popularity, it would not be exaggerating to say that, the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies willprinted-circuit-board remain a dynamic industry for many more years to come.

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