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How To Find The Best US Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Times are changing!  If you need contract electronic manufacturing services, you no longer have to look overseas.  The cost of living in China and other popular offshoring countries is rising, and in the meantime, the poor jobs market in the US is lowering manufacturing costs state-side.  Combine that with the greater reliability and oversight you gain from having your manufacturing done in the US, and reshoring your contract electronic manufacturing services starts to make a lot of sense.

While US-based electronics manufacturers have never vanished entirely, the landscape has changed entirely from the days that the US was a leader in domestic electronics.   If you’re looking for a domestic manufacturing partner, you need to find one which will fit your budget and your quality demands.

Here are a few things to look for:

Key Points To Consider When Hiring US-Based Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

  • Certifications:  Generally speaking, any electronics manufacturer who can meetelectronic-manufacturer multiple international standards and capabilities that guarantee their ability to deliver high-spec electronics to a variety of industries.  Having a number of ISO, governmental, and military certifications usually indicates a high-quality manufacturer.

  • Case studies and testimonials:  Any manufacturer worth their salt should have plenty of case studies, references, and reports on their past projects.  When talking to their representatives, especially ask about challenging situations where they had high goalposts or a short delivery time.  Finding out how they responded to these challenges will tell you a lot about them.

  • A commitment to quality:  US-based electronics manufacturing service is still far from the cheapest in the world.  If you’re going with a manufacturer in the states, quality should be more important to you than simply finding the lowest price.   Don’t simply go with the lowest bidder, or you could be losing most of the benefits of reshoring.

  • High-profile clients:  As reshoring grows in popularity among US businesses, one of the surest signs of the quality of a manufacturer is their client list.  Manufacturers being employed by high-profile American companies are likely ones worth looking into.

  • Design AND manufacturing:   If you want the best value from your contract electronic manufacturing services, don’t use a company that only handles manufacturing.  Acontract-electronic-manufacturer contractor with design experience can potentially spot issues with your designs and suggest corrections before your investment grows more costly.  The extra expertise could make all the difference.

  • Openness and Transparency:  Perhaps they’re emboldened by the lack of transparency in overseas manufacturing, but far too many manufacturers try to hide their processes from you, such as inventory management and quality control.  They should be open about their processes, their success record, and their quality certification procedure.  Beware manufacturers who won’t answer your questions.

  • A commitment to improvement:   You want a manufacturer who’s constantly staying on top of new trends and ideas in the electronics industry, especially in the realm of reliability and quality control.  Watch their blogs and other promotional materials and see if they seem to be staying on top of the game, or just recycling old ideas.   A company that isn’t staying current isn’t going to give you the high-quality electronics you need.

Reshoring is an exciting prospect for American business.  It creates jobs, cuts down on costs from shipping and poor QC, and makes a great advertising point.  Take your time when selecting between US contract electronic manufacturing services and make sure you choose one that’s open, committed to quality, and with a record of excellence.

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