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Electronic Contract Manufacturing Companies Create Power

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Feb 28, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

“Power” is a funny thing. The dictionary definition of the word is so deceptively simple: “The ability to act or produce an effect.” Yet, as we continue to discover, there are so many different ways that power can be found, harnessed, and deployed.

  • Power can come from a gun, pointed at someone's head: The power to terrify into submission.

  • Power comes from knowledge, as 70s and 80s cartoons were so fond of reminding us.

  • Power can come through conversation: The power to inspire others to act as you want.

  • Power definitely comes from money, giving people a self-interested reason to do as you want.electronic-contract-manufacturing-companies

  • Power even comes from time itself, with time being money and all that.

You can find power and empowerment in virtually any situation, and one useful way to view your business dealings is in how much additional power they afford you. Whatever venture you enter into, if you can find new ways for it to bring you additional power, you get that much more ability to do the things you want to do.

So, we'd just like to take this moment to point out that hiring electronic contract manufacturing companies to do your electronics work isn't just an investment. It is yet another method of bringing yourself power, when harnessed correctly.

The Hidden Powers of Electronic Contract Manufacturing Companies

So, let's say you've found a quality onshore electronics manufacturing firm to produce your next line of electronics for you. How does this empower you? And what aspects of your company does it give you additional power over?

  • Time: If you've partnered with trustworthy electronic contract manufacturer and he or her company, you will have to devote vastly less time to oversight of it than you would if you hired a less-expensive and less-reliable firm. This is especially true if you choose an onshore facility, rather than one offshore. How much time on the part of your most important employees (including yourself!) would get wasted in transcontinental flights and 2AM phone calls to the other side of the world?

  • Money: Let's face it, as the Emcee says: money makes the world go 'round, world go 'round. Outsourcing your electronics production almost certainly saves you money, as compared to the costs of trying to create your own in-house manufacturing center.
    Further, going with electronic contract manufacturing companies that focus on quality mean spending far less on the back end. Quality products made right the first time don't get sent back for costly repairs and replacements.

  • Communications: You will have far more control – power – over your Public Relations when the public is on your side, than when they are against you. Putting out good products that people want to buy improves your public image, makes people like you, and makes them more receptive to your marketing messaging. In the global conversation, you want people talking about your strengths, not your weaknesses.

  • Knowledge: Many state-of-the-art electronics assembly firms know their equipment
    electronic-contract-manufacturing-services better than your engineers do. Electronic contract manufacturing companies can take your designs and improve on them to take advantage of the current top-line assembly processes. This knowledge, applied, means the power to produce better, more reliable,and less expensive products. It's a power threefer.

In fact, really, the only power your business can't easily gain through electronics manufacturing is the power of the gun, but we're fine with that. There's no need for coercion in today's business world, when you can instead harness the elements of your business to generate just as much power for yourself as a gun could grant.

So, when you consider hiring electronic contract manufacturing companies, stop to think for a moment about just how much you're buying. With the right partner, you aren't simply buying products. You're buying power in the form of time, money, communications, and knowledge that you simply could not have gotten by doing it alone.

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