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Assembly Manufacturing In Today’s Electronic World

Posted by Laura Austin on Sat, May 25, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

As the rest of the world continues to rely on electronics and technology, in turn the technology becomes even better and a convenience to society. So, how is the assembly of such electronics and components affected from this rapid change and upgrading? Business is certainly booming, and there are all sorts of updates that have been made in order to offer the best quality and prices to clients who regularly use assembly manufacturing for their own projects.assembly-manufacturing

It might seem like an old, obsolete industry but electronics manufacturing has kept up with all of the best practices in business in order to offer the best service. What kind of advancements have been made in particular?

3D Printing, CNC Machines & More

There has been huge investments and popularity in new types of manufacturing, especially when it comes to CNC and other types of programmable building. In fact, there has been such a focus on new types of machinery that most manufacturers have switched over completely in order to stay in competition and offer the best type of assembly to their clients. One of the most popular forms is, of course, CNC since it has become easier to program and make the high precision that electronics components require.

Clunky machines that are prone to make inaccuracies have become part of the past, making assembly manufacturing an interesting landscape of new methods to create great products. Now, it also has become a niche for these engineering manufacturing companies that are start-ups and are beginning to crop up and add even more of an edge to manufacturing.

High Quality Sourced Parts

In the past, it was near impossible to know where your parts were coming from unless asking the manufacturer directly. While you can still run into this, most manufacturing businesses have followed the trend of becoming even more transparent with their business dealings. Also, parts can be tracked and sourced from reputable and high quality places, which lessens the risk of dealing with counterfeit or faulty parts exponentially.electronics-assembly

Technology allows for us to know the "history" of all of the parts going into electronics, so why not take advantage of that and know where exactly they are coming from and only get the best of the best for the money you're spending?

Better Communications

Gone are the days of contacting an assembly manufacturing company and then suddenly everything going quiet on their end. There are several ways you can keep in contact with your manufacturer, including even video conferences, mobile communications, email and so much more. Business communications have become much more reliant and easier to access, so you can have a two-way street and know confidently how your order is doing and know when exactly it will be ready to be shipped out.

Apps & Software

Even assembly manufacturing businesses are hopping on the trend of developing mobile apps and other kinds of consumer software to become even easier to access by their customers. There are apps to help with quoting, to better understand the world of manufacturing services, and even software to help with the consultation and design phase of product assembly.

With all of this technology, it simply has become easier to work with assembly manufacturing and get high quality and unforgettable results that will last for years to come in your electronics. Why should you stay stuck in the Stone Age when everybody else is doing business in the 21st Century?

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Precise Product Assembly Engineered To Enhance Quality

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

For all of the assembling and designing that goes into a product, shouldn't the precision of the assembly and how it enhances the overall quality of the final product be a high priority for you as well? If you haven't thought about the process which your assembly company utilizes to create your projects and just how much precision is applied, perhaps it's time to take a step back and realize just how much it really does matter and reassess your next project.precise product assembly

Product assembly is more than just a few steps that creates something for the sake of being used, it is also the process of being able to create the highest quality products in a competitive business environment and always ensuring the best of the best for all clients. This means paying for the best precision in the machinery and assembly involved, or risking a lower quality product. But, how exactly does precision fit into assembly?

Precise Machinery For Assembly

Drilling, soldering, and placing all of the components on an electronic board takes a lot of work and effort on part of the assembly company. Contrary to popular belief, the machines designed to do these designated tasks aren't completely precise all the time and need to be realigned with certain algorithms in order to stay on target every time. This is also because every project is going to be different and will need varying locations on the board to be altered.

In order to get the best precision, you need to find a product assembly company which provides the best eye to detail when it comes to their machinery, ensuring that every single piece you need is at its highest precision and best quality. 

Of course, most assembly companies also utilize the precision of their own engineers to handcraft certain parts of your products. While it might seem like there would be more human error when it comes to handcrafting, most engineers are so experienced in their work that precision can practically be completely ensured with each piece in the batch. Coupled with machinery, this is the perfect recipe for high quality items every time.

Enhancing Quality

So, with precision in the mix, how exactly does it enhance the quality of your products in the
long term? Besides giving you the best value on your budget when it comes to assembly, it helps enhancing the quality of your product assembly because there is less room for errors and other hardware problems.
product assembly

Precision makes sure all of the components are exactly where they need to be on the board every time, which easily enhances the quality tenfold. No more having to worry about a batch of faulty electronic boards, having to go through a second set of tests, or other problems that might immediately eat away at your budget and time because of deteriorating precision every time your product is assembled.

Nearly all product assembly companies are going to promise such features, mostly because they can prove that it will work and the higher quality can be seen in their work. If you're not working with an assembly company that doesn't try its best at maintaining precision, then it's time to find a company that will take pride in their work and how they treat your products. Because it's your time and money on the line too, not just their own, and everybody needs to be happy with the work being done.

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