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Why You Need Real Engineers At Your Electronics Manufacturing Partners

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Apr 07, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

contract-electronics-manufacturingThese days, the best electronics assemblers aren't mere assembly-lines-for-hire, they're full-fledged engineering manufacturing companies.  In response to the market threat of cheap overseas assembly, domestic manufacturers have been investing in expertise instead.

Modern domestic electronics partners are now full-featured engineering firms, with on-site staff that know their machinery and the current demands of the electronics market.  They keep up-to-date with the latest in industry certifications, allowing their systems to take advantage of the latest innovations.

Best of all, since the prices and cost-of-living have been rising steeply in most of the countries known for their cheap electronics, you can often get a full-featured domestic partner for little more than it would cost to hire an overseas firm.

When you look at the advantages of staying domestic, it makes a lot of sense.

Reasons Why Domestic Engineering Manufacturing Companies Pay Off

1 - Full design support and revision.

Every assembly line is a bit different, with its own strengths and weaknesses.  When your assembly partner has real experts on board, they'll know those machines inside and out.  That means they can revise your existing designs to best fit current standards in manufacturing - making better devices, at lower prices.

2 - Product-for-hire design.

Don't have any engineers on staff yourself?  That's not a problem!  Today's electronics partners can design products from the ground up, based solely on your specifications and target market.  They can be your design partner from the first stages, ensuring you get top-caliber support and advice on your design choices.

If all you have is a great idea, US-based electronics firms can see it done, and done well.

3 - Extensive prototyping and testing.

A piece of electronics that doesn't undergo extensive Q&A throughout its design life is one that's going to face a difficult time on the market.  Today's devices need to be laser-focused on the audience's needs, and built to withstand the rigors of usage.

When your electronics partner has full testing facilities on-site, you can further refine your design to be exactly what the market needs, at minimal extra expense.  

4 - Green services.Contract-Manufacturing-Companies

Consumers are getting increasingly concerned about both how their electronics are manufactured, as well as what happens to them afterwards.  If your business is feeling the pinch from eco-concerned customers, domestic partners can give you a green thumbs up!

The US has some of the most advanced recycling and machine-waste disposal processes in the world, along with some of the best eco-friendly alternatives.  Local production can save you a lot of the embarrassment that seems to accompany overseas electronics manufacturing these days.

5 - Flexible, market-responsive supply lines.

One of the most hidden traps in overseas production are the supply lines involved.  They can span the globe, and involve contracts that are set in stone for months or years.  Just the sheer scope could make it a weeks-long process simply altering a build.

Domestic manufacturers, sourcing domestically when possible, can create much shorter, flexible supply lines.  This is vital in a world where consumer tastes can shift nearly overnight.  A US partner means that when the winds shift, you can shift with them, rather than getting caught in a web of sub-contractor disputes.

It's No Wonder Manufacturing Is Coming Home

Today's domestic engineering manufacturing companies can offer far more services than most overseas outfits, and at highly reasonable prices. 

Want to learn more?  Contact Zentech today for more information on the benefits of locally-sourced and manufactured electronics!

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