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PCB Assembly Manufacturers: Better Than Doing It Yourself

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Nov 07, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

As a business owner, you pride yourself on your independence and self-sufficiency. But while PCB Assembly Manufacturersyour "can-do" attitude may have helped you to get where you are today, you may find that asking for help could take you to an even higher level. Third-party PCB assembly manufacturers can help to shoulder some of your business's burdens, improve the quality of your products, and lower your overall spending. Here's how:

Take Advantage of an Expert Design Team

Whether you do or don't employ in-house designers and engineers, every electronics company can benefit from the expertise of a seasoned design team. Reputable PCB assembly manufacturers make it a point to hire the best of the best - those individuals with an extensive history in the industry. This ensures that your products will always be of the highest quality possible. 

Regardless of if you need your board designed from scratch, require assistance in reworking the schematics, or would simply like a second set of eyes to review your plans, a contract manufacturer can help provide you with a flawless and efficient blueprint to work from. By scaling down the parts and components necessary for your board, you can cut costs and offer your clients a sleeker, more compact product. 

Bring Ideas to Life Faster

Electronics companies often find themselves in a position where their client needs a rush job on a device prototype. In order to seal the deal with your customer, you must be able to provide an advanced and effective product - fast. Because you can't afford to make any mistakes, you may find that working with PCB assembly manufacturers is the smartest way to speed up the process without overlooking anything or cutting any corners. And when you need to mass produce an order, your manufacturing partner can help you to turn over the product faster, and with fewer issues.

Eliminate Machinery Expenses

Smaller electronics companies may find it challenging to keep up with larger competitors. The high tech machinery that is required to design and assemble PC boards is extremely expensive. Not only must you make the initial investment in the equipment, but you will also be required to maintain it regularly, and pay for any repairs that may be necessary. As machinery becomes more advanced, you'll find yourself faced with the choice between spending more on an upgrade, or being left behind. PCB assembly manufacturers eliminate all of these problems. Your contract manufacturer will provide you with access to all of the latest and greatest equipment and robotics to ensure that your product will be top-of-the-line - without all of the extra expenses.

Connect with the Best SuppliersPCB Assembly

Are you getting the best deals on the parts and components required for the assembly of your PCBs? Do you feel confident that you are integrating the best parts into your devices? Unfortunately, many smaller businesses - especially newer ones - struggle to forge strong relationships with their suppliers. Seasoned PCB assembly manufacturers, on the other hand, have been working in the industry for many years, and have the ability to obtain industry-compliant and high quality components at the most reasonable rates. By partnering with a company like this, you can take advantage of your contract manufacturer's contacts, lowering your overall production costs.

Handle Repairs Quickly

How does your electronics company handle defective PCBs? Too many businesses are lacking in either the time or the resources necessary to properly handle repairs. Because of this, these companies tend to lose money on warranty replacements, when the problem could actually be solved for a fraction of the cost. PCB assembly manufacturers can remedy this issue. When something goes wrong with a board, it can be shipped directly to the contract manufacturer for troubleshooting and diagnostics. From here, the fault will be corrected with precision, and shipped directly back to the customer. This will improve customer satisfaction, and will reduce your spending.

How could PCB assembly manufacturers help you? 

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