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Electronics Manufacturers With PCB Repair Services Bring Great Value

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Electronics Manufacturers servicesAre you still using a "what you see is what you get" electronics manufacturer, who do nothing but assembly?  If so, you could be losing a lot money on one of the most costly aspects of electronics retail - post-sale support.

No one really likes to consider post-sale costs, but they're a real factor for any product, especially electronics.  Even the best-designed product is going to have the occasional dud, or ends up being creatively abused by consumers in ways you weren't expecting.

For most companies, this turns into a hugely expensive process, especially if they're doing their work overseas.  There's a separate call center that has to be staffed and trained, supply lines have to be overstocked to account for possible parts shipments, and a run on a single component could create a months-long backlog.

However, there's now an alternative!  Some electronics firms now offer PCB repair services, along with other customer support, because it's the most efficient and practical solution to the problem.

Ways You Benefit From A Manufacturer With PCB Repair Services

1 - Save Money In Replacements

A lot of companies using offshore support and manufacturing end up having to ship out entirely new products even in the case of minor component defect.  They simply don't have the facilities and services to handle repairs, especially since customers wouldn't accept months-long turnarounds for overseas shipments.

If your electronics assembler handles the repair jobs, they have everything they need right there in the shop.  It becomes extremely cost-effective to replace components rather than full products, even if you're picking up the tab for shipping costs.

2 - The Best Possible Technicians 

Just ask yourself: Who could possibly be more effecting at supporting or servicing a device than the same people who designed and manufactured it?  They already have all the documentation, all the specs, AND complete information on the equipment being used to create it.

That means lower training costs, and creates better end-user support.  Period.  Support is a big part of customer loyalty, and this can easily pay off in better customer retention alongside the direct financial benefits.

3 - Faster Defect Reportingpcb repair

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray, and likewise even the best-planned device may have problems that crop up months -or years- after production that no one could have reasonably predicted.  

When your manufacturer is also your support service, that means they'll know exactly what problems are cropping up, and they'll be in a perfect position to spot defects before they become major issues.  An offsite or offshore support service really has no incentive to collect or report that sort of usage data.

Plus, of course, since they know the equipment used in manufacturing, they'll also be in a position to quickly suggest improvements to fix the flaw in future production runs.

4 - Guaranteed Parts Supply

Another major issue in using outsourced tech support and repair services is the parts being used.  It becomes difficult (if not impossible) to ensure that they're using nothing but the legitimate components you designed the device to utilize.  For that matter, it's becoming easier for counterfeit parts to slip into supply lines without anyone noticing.  

When your manufacturer already has robust parts-tracking systems in place, this concern in greatly reduced.  They'll be using the exact same parts that are on the assembly line, because they're usually in the exact same facilities as the assembly line.

Don't Gamble Your Long-Term Outlook On Short-Term Savings

Customer service is being rediscovered as a valuable business expenditure specifically because of how important steady customers are to companies today.  When a new customer costs five times as much to acquire as holding onto an existing one, it's hard to justify cutting corners on customer support from a long-term perspective.

Are you ready to take your electronics manufacturing to a new level?  Contact ZenTech today for a free consultation on our service options!

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