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Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Electrical Testing Capability

Posted by Stephanie Weaver on Fri, Feb 03, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Seica Pilot 4D.pngZentech has recently added the Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Test System to its wide range of capabilities. The Seica Pilot 4D V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology. It is the complete solution for maximum performance, combining the highest test speed, low to medium volume capability with enhanced test coverage and flexibility. The system is equally adept at both prototyping and production volumes and its vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the PCBA simultaneously.

Featuring vectorless and in-circuit test, programming and functional testing, boundary scan test, medium/high volume capability with automatic load, testing of highly-integrated prototypes and high-mix products, the Pilot V8 also tests PCBA’s not designed for testing and has advanced reverse engineering capabilities.

The addition of additional advanced testing capabilities further illustrates Zentech’s commitment to utilizing automated technology equipment sets to assure high quality electronic assemblies are delivered to their customers.

Waleid Jabai, VP of Technology at Zentech comments, “the Seica Pilot 4D V8 system meets Zentech’s requirements for both high speed and high accuracy in advanced electronic product testing.  The Pilot V8 test capability, coupled with our existing AOI, SPI and 3D AXI systems, assures our customers that Zentech is committed to the highest quality levels obtainable.” 


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