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Appoint Professional Electronics Design Services with Care

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Dec 25, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Professional Electronics DesignWhen it comes to electronics manufacturing, some of the most important aspects are the starting point, reference point, and design. Even if you have a team of knowledgeable engineers, it may still be a tad difficult to come up with the greatest device, given that the industry is very competitive. If you are planning to hire electronics design services to execute your project, you will gain the following five benefits from the top companies:

Insightful and Helpful

Due to the continuous development of technology, engineers and manufacturers in the electronics field are required always to keep up to date with the industry and its changes. Nevertheless, it is quite impossible for people on your team to acquire all the knowledge that is on offer. For this reason, it is recommended to obtain the help of professionals in this particular field.

Before you manufacture your designs, it is best to have them reviewed by a reputable manufacturing company. Expert electronics design services may detect any mistakes or even make changes to your designs to ensure that your device functions perfectly.

Decipher Issues

As you know, even the most skilled designers are stuck with ideas occasionally. When issues or complications ascend during the design stage, your engineers may not be able to work out a solution. As days go by, frustration will set in and at the same time, you will lose money and time with relation to your capacity to overcome the problem.

By working together with highly experienced individuals from manufacturing services, you and your team will enjoy perspectives from fresh sets of eyes. These people are able to determine the root cause of the problems that you are facing.

Systematic Testing

As the person in charge of the design, you should definitely not be spending excessively on producing electronic devices that are primarily based on imperfect design schematics. To prevent a huge dent to your reputation and of course, your bank account, it is vital not to make any hasty decisions or moves. However, take the time to test your blueprints and plans thoroughly before allowing the designs to go into full production.

Electronics DesignProfessional electronics design services have the aptitude to test your blueprints meticulously for efficacy and proficiency. In addition, they can help generate test platforms that are constructed to your specifications before you commit to any large orders. This is a great process, because you get to test all your prototypes and choose the best ones for big scale production.

Environmentally Friendly Products

In today’s world, every person and business is going green and wants to do his or her part in reducing waste. Due to this, it is crucial to start thinking about producing eco-friendly products. They are likely to attract more people that want to purchase your products. To achieve this, you should appoint electronics design services that are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

When you are in search of reputable and reliable electronics design services, it is always wise to look for one that is all-American. This will allow you to play a part in keeping much-needed jobs within your country, and simultaneously enjoy premium quality services. In addition, American-based companies take pride in obeying all the industry standards for effectiveness and above all, safety.

Constructing high quality devices for your company is important for the success of your business. Do you think it is a great idea to contract outsiders to execute your prototypes and blueprints? 


Electronic Interconnect Cabling Whitepaper from Zentech


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Electronic Design Services From Concept To Completion

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Aug 05, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

pc boardsThe design of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is one of the most important steps in manufacturing a quality electronic device. The functionality and efficiency of your electronics depend on the design and layout out of the board (or "brain") of the gadget, meaning that nothing can be left to chance. Through careful attention to detail, the board can be designed to meet all product specifications without wasting any space or utilizing excessive components. This enables the device to remain as compact yet information-rich as possible, meeting the demands of the consumer marketplace. But do you know what goes into superior electronics design services? 

Many small to midsize electronics companies have difficulty in recognizing where they are going wrong. While businesses like your own may have carved a niche for themselves within the industry, you may be struggling to keep up with your larger competitors and grow. In order to improve your products and become an even better operation, you need to begin at the beginning: examining your PCB design and learning to understand how it impacts the completed products. To emphasize the importance of doing so, we've written this post to walk you through the basics of electronics design from concept to completion.

Understanding the Problem

Before you can assess the design to finish process, you need to first have an understanding of what the underlying problems are, and why it's so valuable to consistently assess processes and seek help, where needed. Although it's unfortunate, even skilled engineers have been known to be guilty of designing PCBs that meet the client or product specifications, but still present significant challenges during the actual board production. This doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on the engineer's abilities, but rather, indicates that the designer simply may not be familiar enough with the downstream manufacturing process and how their decisions during the design process can actually impact it. Boards may be designed in such a way that mounting becomes difficult, or where too many components are being utilized, creating issues with being able to keep the end product operating smoothly, while still remaining sleek and compact. It's extremely important, then, that those designing the board have an understanding, no only of what goes into planning the overall design of the board, but how the assembly and production process work as well.

The Concept to Completion Solutionpc board design

Having a "big picture" understanding about how PC boards must be designed and produced is the only way to develop efficient, effective, and economical electronics. The following steps should be followed:

  • Concept - In this step, you and/or your client are determining what your goals are for the completed project, and how the board will need to function in order for your to achieve those goals. What capabilities will the board need to have? Must it be compact or irregularly shaped in order to work within the device? Are there any budgetary constraints? All questions must be clearly answered here.

  • Mindful Design & Layout - The design and layout phase of board development shouldn't begin until its concept and expectations have been drawn up. A skilled team of engineers must then work to meet each and every one of these expectations while also keeping the ease of manufacture and financial restrictions at the top of mind.

  • Thorough Testing - Prior to production, computerized testing should occur in order to pinpoint any design shortcomings or flaws.

  • Prototyping - It's always smart to take testing one step further with a prototype to ensure that the board functions correctly. Any fine-tuning should occur once the prototype has been examined and tested.

  • Manufacturing to Completion - It is only once it's been decided that the board is operational, the assembly manufacturing process can begin.

If your concept to completion processes are skipping any of these steps, it's time to re-assess and re-group. You may also want to consider seeking help from an electronics design service to streamline your board design.  


Electronic Interconnect Cabling Whitepaper from Zentech

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PCB Repair Services Make Old Boards Brand New

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Even the best electronics companies aren't free from the possibility of a defect or fault developingPCB Repair Services within their products. Although major problems may arise from time to time, though, it seems wasteful to completely scrap a circuit board when only one component is causing the fault. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses do not have the time or the resources available to troubleshoot for the problem and make the necessary corrections. Professional PCB repair services can help by shouldering this burden for you. By taking the time to consider the issues that a contract repair service can provide and how it can work to your benefit, you could significantly improve your company's efficiency and effectiveness

When to Contact PCB Repair Services

There may be times when you are forced to fully replace a circuit board, but more often than not, a professional PCB repair service will be able to breathe new life into your device. Here are three scenarios in which such a service can help you out:

  • Repair - Sometimes, a PCB part or component that was once working will fail, and you are not sure why. A contract manufacturer can compare the original design schematics against the faulty board in order to determine the underlying issue. Generally, it will be found that the culprit is something simple that can be quickly fixed for a lot less money than to replace the board.

  • Re-design - There may also be times in which the initial design of the PCB is what is flawed, meaning that the board never functioned properly. When this type of situation arises,  an experienced contract manufacture who offers circuit board repair services will have the ability to thoroughly examine the specs, evaluate them against the completed product, and figure out which component(s) are causing the fault within the board. From here, the service will help you to find suitable replacements or solutions that will help you to meet the operational goals for your device.

  • Alterations - Finally, you may be feeling frustrated due to the fact that while your PCB is working, it is simply not up to the standard that you had originally planned or hoped for. This might mean that the device falls short of industry requirements, client needs, or your own business standards. Whatever the case may be, your outsourced PCB repair service will have the knowledge and ability to take a look at the working designs and the product, and help you to make any alterations or modifications that may be necessary to bring the board up to par.

Reaping the Benefits of PCB Repair Servicespcb board repair

When you work with a contract manufacturer for expert PCB repair services, you can expect benefits like:

  • Improve customer satisfaction- Have you ever stopped to consider what your customers might think when you are forced to replace a circuit board? Although there may be some situations in which repair is impossible, you could lower your client's opinion of your business if you are unable to handle minute repairs in a timely fashion. By enlisting the help of professional PCB repair services, you can ensure that your customers will feel confident in your company's ability to satisfy all of their needs.

  • Faster operation - At times, PCB software can become slow or sluggish if it is new, while the platform is older. PCB repair can help to keep everything running fast, and in a way that is highly responsive and fully functional.

  • Save money - In this economy, we're all looking for ways to cut corners, and by quickly assessing and correcting small-scale problems, your contract manufacturer can help to reduce the amount of money that you are forced to spend on warranty replacements.

Essentially, PCB repair will take an old, sluggish, or faulty device and get it operating like new for a fraction of the time and cost necessary to fully replace it.

How could PCB repair services help to improve your business?  

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5 Electronics Design Services Your Company Will Love

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

As both the starting point and reference point for all of your products, there is arguably no more important aspect of electronics manufacturing than design. But even if your team is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable engineers, you may not be constructing the best or most efficient devices. How can you ensure that your electronics are a cut above the rest? Here are five incredible design services that you can expect from a qualified contract manufacturer, and how they will work to your benefit. electronics_design_services.jpg

1. Useful Insight

Because technology is constantly evolving, electronics engineers and manufacturers are required to constantly keep up with their education, as well as any industry changes. As humans, however, it is impossible for the folks on your team to know everything about everything. That's why it's so smart to enlist the help of electronics design services. Instead of rushing the first draft of your engineer's plans off to be manufactured, it's a good idea to have a contract manufacturing company take a look at the schematics. Your design service may spot changes that could be made to save your business money to improve your device's functionality.

2. Problem Solving

It is possible for even the most experienced designers to get "stuck in a rut" from time to time. When problems or complications arise during the design process, your team may find themselves unable to work out the answer. As days pass by, your employees will grow increasingly frustrated as you lose time and money on your inability to get around the obstacle in front of you. By working with professional electronics design services, you can enjoy the perspective of a fresh set of eyes who will be able to determine the root of the issue and work past it.

3. Thorough Testing

The last thing you want is to pour excessive amounts of money into manufacturing an electronic device that is based upon flawed design schematics. In order to avoid damage to your bank account (and your reputation), it is imperative that you take the time to carefully test your plans before giving the green light to move forward with production. Electronics design services will have the ability to thoroughly test your plans for efficiency and effectiveness.

Additionally, your design service should have the ability to help you create test platforms that are built to your specifications before you ever have to commit to large orders. This will give you the opportunity to test out all of your ideas and prototypes before moving to the advanced production phase, and will ensure that you are able to develop the best products possible.engineering_manufacturing_companies.jpg 

4. Eco Friendly

These days, everyone is going green and doing their part to reduce the human footprint on our environment. As such, it's smart to develop products that are eco-friendly, as they are more likely to attract your customer base. In order to accomplish this in the most economically efficient way possible, look for electronics design services that are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. Ultimately, this will make your devices safer for the environment and safer for users.

5. All American

Choosing American based electronics design services is the way to go. Not only are you doing your part to keep much needed jobs within the United States, but you will also enjoy higher quality services. American contract designers and manufacturers will take pride in adhering to industry standards for safety and effectiveness. On top of this, American companies will ensure that your products are designed with the highest quality parts possible, as opposed to the bootlegged parts that many off shore operations are in the habits of utilizing. 

Designing the perfect electronic devices for your clients is imperative for your business's success. Because of this, it is in your best interest to utilize the best team possible for the job. How could hiring professional electronics design services improve your products?


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Electronics Design Services Improve Manufacturing Processes Quality

Posted by Laura Austin on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

It’s easier than ever for an inventor or a company with a great new idea in consumer electronics to find a manufacturing facility to create it.  The rise in the last thirty years of dedicated outsourced electronics manufacturing has filled the globe with facilities ready to pump out products at nearly any price point imaginable.

This wealth of manufacturing options is great for a company looking for options, but it introduces a number of new questions.  How do you ensure quality at someone else’selectronic-design facilities?  How do you guarantee your product will stand up to use?  How do you know that all the components being used are legitimate

In short, how do you outsource your manufacturing with the assurance that you’ll receive a final product you’re proud to put your brand on?

The answer is to look for a manufacturing facility that includes electronics design services as well as manufacturing.

Why You Need Electronics Design Services

At this point, you might be saying: “But I’ve got my own engineers.  Why do I need to hire more?”  The answer is simply because doing so will ultimately save you money in the long run and help you produce a better product.

A dedicated manufacturing facility that offers electronic design and manufacture services is going to know, with a great level of precision, exactly what their assembly line is capable of.  A facility utilizing advanced modern techniques is often going to be able to refine your design into something simpler, easier to produce, or that requires fewer components.

Furthermore, proper testing procedures are vital.  Poor-quality components or unseen design flaws could lead to huge costs later on.  A bit more time spent testing ahead of time is a piece of insurance that’s worth it.  When these tests are done by a manufacturer which is serious about supply chain management and sourcing legitimate components, you’ll have a product you know is reliable.   

A superior electronics manufacturing center can even ease some of your bureaucraticelectronics-design-services hurdles.  You can receive full documentation for all your products, as well as all the information you need to show RoHS compliance.   

Go A Step Further: Get American Electronics Design Services

The prospect of getting into contracted manufacturing can often be a bit imposing to a lot of businesses.  The common wisdom is that you have to go overseas to do it, and that introduces a world of new problems.  Everything from finding the proper facilities to obtaining the needed government approvals can be a hassle.

However, people around the world still recognize the value of goods which are “made in America” and we still have some of the some of the best scientific minds in the world.  American engineers are rightfully held in high regard, and consumers from Boston to Bangkok know that a US-made product is likely going to be better than something coming out of a Foxconn facility

You can cut out the hassle and end up with a better product simply by keeping your electronics design and manufacturing services right here in the USA. 

By choosing US-based electronics design services, you’ll:

  • Have a much closer link between your R&D and manufacturing centers.

  • Enjoy a short pipeline that can quickly adjust to new market shifts.

  • Give jobs to Americans, boosting the local economy and creating disposable income.

  • Receive assurances of quality components, rather than bootleg sources.PCB-services

  • Be in a much better PR position when talking about your products.

  • Join the ranks of some of the most influential companies in the world.

However, whether you contract your electronics at home or abroad, hiring some electronics design services beforehand still makes sense.  Anything which simplifies the production of your product will be money saved in the long run, and professional design services specialize in such optimization.

Don’t risk your good name.  Spend a little extra time and effort to ensure you have a great product to put on the market.

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