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What To Look For When Hiring Electronic Contract Manufacturers

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Jul 16, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

pc-boards-5Following the manufacturing boom of the 1990s through today, there's now literally a world of options in terms of hiring contract electronics firms.  How do you choose between your options?

Picking the right partner is more essential than ever, if you want your electronics design to succeed.  More products are being introduced into the marketplace more quickly, while both businesses and consumers continue to demand higher quality.  Simply offshoring manufacturing to the lowest bidder can easily mean a product that's late to market, and with quality that's not up to par.

Manufacturers today have found ways to cut costs while simultaneously offering more services than ever before.  You can get a lot more for your money, if you look carefully.

What Businesses Should Ask For When Hiring Contract Manufacturers

1 - Guaranteed supply lines

Few things can more quickly ruin an otherwise-promising piece of contract electronics than fake parts getting into the supply line.  This is an especially common issue with overseas manufacturing.  It's extremely difficult to know where your components are coming from, and whether they're from a legit manufacturer.

Your electronics partner should be utilizing component tracking measures - like barcodes or RFID tags - to guarantee the legitimacy of their components, as well as utilizing partners who do the same.

2 - Experience

That boom in electronics services means there are a lot of newcomers out there, who are apt to promise more than they can actually deliver.  You want to place your product in the hands of a contract manufacturer you can trust, who has a long history of successful builds and satisfied clients.

Few things can be more valuable when evaluating potential PCB assembly partners than a solid list of recommendations or case studies.

3 - Actual certifications

Another good sign when you're looking at manufacturing candidates is their list of certifications from accredited industry sources.  Being able to meet the strict standards of bodies like the ISO make it far more likely they'll be able to back up their claims with reliable electronics work.

This is also a big help in specialty industries, since many certifications are specifically aimed at niche usage with unusual needs.  The more certs a company has that are relevant to your field, the better.

4 - Local-sourcing optionspc-board-repair

With global shipping prices going up and showing very few signs of coming down, supply line efficiency can make or break the cost-effectiveness of a project.  A manufacturing partner who's been around for awhile will also have a good network of solid suppliers, including ones who are local enough to minimize extra shipment costs.

Furthermore, local supply lines are also much more flexible supply lines.  They give you more options in adjusting builds or re-designing circuit boards to meet your customers' and clients' needs, without being locked into contracts with companies halfway around the world.

5 - Value-added services

Contract manufacturing can include far more than just what-you-see-is-what-you-get product builds.  These services can include:

  • Design refinement\optimization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • In-house testing labs
  • Software development
  • Eco-friendly materials and disposal
  • Predictive failure testing
  • Post-sale repair and support

This is one of the best possible times to introduce new electronics, because a good electronics manufacturing partner can be a true all-in-one source for everything you need.  For more information on modern electronics assembly, just contact ZenTech with your questions.

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Don't Let Poor Inventory Management Cost You Money

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Dec 18, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

pc board developmentTightly-controlled inventory management and supply-line tracking is vital for a successful electronics manufacturing process.  Are you doing everything possible to protect the parts that build your products?

Inventory management goes far beyond merely keeping track of all the SKUs currently on sale.  It also means tracking the parts going into the products, since those parts are also potentially going to be used for post-sale support if necessary.   If you can't trust your components to be legitimate and trustworthy, backed by a solid chain-of-possession, then every aspect of your electronics operation may be in jeopardy.

If you haven't thought about the ways that inventory management problems might impact your electronics manufacturing, here are a few things to chew on.

Four Reasons Good Inventory Management Is Vital In Electronics

1 - Reliable Prototyping

If you do your prototyping in-house, it's likely that your R&D squad are using "off the shelf" components in your inventory for much of their experimenting.  To gauge the viability of a prototype, you need to be absolutely certain that the components which have gone into it are legitimate and fully up-to-spec.

Otherwise, if the prototype fails, your staff may end up in a situation that's worse than "square one" because they'll have no solid way of knowing whether the design failed due to their error, or because of faulty components.

2 - True Quality Guarantees

You have to offer a warranty with your product, and the length of the warranty can be a powerful sales tool.  However, the length of the warranty will also largely depend on just how much you trust your products to stand up to months or years of usage.

If you're using unverified or low-quality parts, the fail rate will be higher and the warranty period will necessarily have to be smaller to maintain profits.  This is damaging to the business as a whole, as well as potentially driving customers to manufacturers with better-built products.

Especially since...

3 - Product Failures Make Headlines These Days

From the infamous 20%+ fail rate of early XBox 360 units to more recent questions about the bendyness of iPhones, a poorly-designed consumer electronics product can sometimes drastically affect buyer perception of a brand.  Even a single well-publicized recall could create years worth of poor PR to overcome.

It used to be bad products only made the news if they blew up or caused serious head trauma.  Today, it's just one more piece of bad news fueling the 24/7 media cycle, and it's something any good electronics firm would be wise to avoid.

4 - Post-Sale Support Issuespc board inventory

If you aren't keeping good tabs on your inventory and supply chain, it could cause big cost-overruns on post-sale support.  Every component shipped to a customer and every unit brought in for repair ultimately costs you more money.  If the components shipped out are also faulty, then that just piles unnecessary costs on top of unnecessary costs.

Proper supply line oversight may require some expenditure to set up, but it's a bedrock requirement for an electronics concern that wants to be taken seriously in today's market.  Products known to contain counterfeit parts or generally-shoddy lowest-bidder components are going to quickly turn into money holes.

Partner With An Electronics Supplier Who Can Guarantee Their Parts

The simplest solution to these issues is also the most overall elegant:  Rather than using questionable low-cost manufacturers, hire an electronics assembly plant which has these inventory controls built into their processes.  If your manufacturer can show you, in black and white, the provenance of their parts, then you can put your product on the market with real peace of mind. 

ZenTech is one of America's premiere domestic electronics manufacturers, with in-country assembly lines and tightly-controlled parts protection.  The minimal extra expense associated with domestic work will pay off many times through better products, lower support costs, and better PR.

Contact ZenTech today for a free consultation on your manufacturing options! 


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EMS Electronics Create The Perfect Way To Bring Your Product To Market

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Dec 04, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

 EMS ElectronicsWith the explosion of Internet technologies and global shipping, there's a market for devices today that's unmatched at any time in history.  Global demand for electronics is skyrocketing, and there's plenty of opportunity for a company to grab a piece of the market.

The issue is bringing a product to market at all.  Electronics development is expensive, and few companies have the resources in-house to design, prototype, and test potential products before release.

That's where Electronic Manufacturing Services come in.  EMS electronics shops can work with you to create the product of your dreams, while guiding it through every stage of the development process.  In many cases, they can even provide post-sale support to final customers.

This makes it easy for any company to jump into consumer or business-class electronics.  Just see everything you're buying when you partner with an EMS electronics designer:

Six Great Benefits From Hiring Electronic Manufacturing Services

1 - Design-to-spec

A quality EMS firm will have dedicated electronics engineers on-staff who are ready to design products to your specifications.  They'll have access to a world of components and official standards groups and can quickly design virtually any product that's possible with today's technology.

2 - Design refinement

If you already have an electronics designer, that's not an issue.  An EMS can take existing schematics and refine them to suit modern manufacturing facilities.   Because these groups have access to top-of-the-line electronics assembly lines, their designers can usually refine outside designs to incorporate newer, better assembly technology.

The result is a design that's better before it even gets to prototyping.

3 - Prototyping

Electronic product design is not a one-and-done process.  A well-designed product may require a dozens prototypes to refine usage issues or eliminate unexpected design flaws not evident in the schematics.  

Product testing is another major part of this process.  EMS firms have the facilities necessary to stress-test your products and ensure, for example, that they're strong enough to stand up to the rigors of living in someone's pocket.  These testing procedures can also be made as stringent as is necessary for the target audience.  As an obvious example, a product designed for children has to be sturdier than one designed for adults.

EMS services can guarantee this happens.

4 - Optimal manufacturing consultationsEMS Electronics assembly

A modern EMS firm will consult with you on your business model and your distribution plans to create an assembly system that optimizes your expenditures.   If you're planning multiple variations on the same product, for example, they can work with you to predict demand and minimize the expenses associated with multiple product lines by consolidating component buys.

5 - Guaranteed supply chain oversight

One of the big -and largely unspoken- dangers of working with electronics manufacturers, especially those overseas, is keeping control of your supply chain.  Many companies who've partnered with groups overseas have learned, too late, that oversight is extremely hard to achieve.

A reputable EMS must be able to stand by the quality of the components they use.  They utilize end-to-end parts tracking that guarantees every component is legitimate.  This is vital for you to maintain your own reputation as a business.

6 - Post-sale support

Who could possibly be better at supporting a product than the group that designed it?  Many EMS groups now offer post-sale support and fulfillment services, integrated into the overall contract.  This also brings you better optimization and control of your support fulfillment services, since manufacturing can be planned around likely support needs.

Electronics Manufacturing Services Bring End-To-End Benefit

There's no reason to go it alone in today's electronics market.  A quality EMS electronics firm at your side can create better products, which are better suited for your customers, at lower overall costs at every step.

Ready to learn more?  Zentech is one of America's premiere domestic support partners.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your product or design needs! 


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How To Save Money by Hiring A Contract Electronic Manufacturer For Your Electronics Assembly

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

 Electronic Manufacturer

These days, everyone is looking for new ways to scale back their spending and become a more profitable business. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, hiring a contract manufacturing company to assist you with the design and assembly of the PC boards for your products is one of the best ways for electronics companies to save money. How can spending money on a third party manufacturing service actually allow you to increase your bottom line and thrive? Here, we'll take a look at some of the many ways that a contract manufacturer can help you to achieve your business goals.

5 Ways a Contract Manufacturer Can Reduce Your Electronic Assembly Expenses

1. Reduce Design Time

Even if your design and engineering team is skilled and experienced, the design process itself can be very time-consuming and can present issues - even more the most seasoned veterans. When tackling a new project, your staff my come across problems that they experience difficulty in overcoming. This may require them to go back to the drawing board and start anew, or simply get "stuck", preventing the project from moving forward. The advantage of having a contract manufacturer on your team is that a fresh set of eyes will be introduced to the issue and can help you to more quickly complete your plans. A contract manufacturer is also useful in situations where your design team is overwhelmed by a large volume of projects, or you need help completing protocol specs on a tight deadline.

2. Lower Equipment Expenses

One of the biggest problems that smaller electronics companies are faced with is their lack of funding or resources. Because a small scale operation will generally bring in less profit than major corporations, it can be difficult for the underdog to keep up with the competition in terms of purchasing the latest and greatest machinery and equipment for electronics assembly processes. When you have a partnership with a contract manufacturing company in place, you no longer have to worry about this. Your partner company will shoulder the burden of purchasing state-of-the-art equipment so that your boards can be assembled with the best of the best machinery available. You'll also enjoy savings on equipment maintenance, and won't be required to store the equipment within your facility which can reduce space needs and rent costs. 

3. Increase Production Speed & PrecisionContract Electronic Manufacturer

Wouldn't it be great if you had the ability to mass produce your PC boards faster than you are currently able, without being required to sacrifice the quality of your products? Knowledgable and experienced contract manufacturing companies with advanced electronics design and assembly equipment will have the ability to not only process your batch orders with speed, but also with painstaking accuracy. Boards are then tested to avoid problems with malfunctioning devices.

4. Spend Less on Parts

The costs associated with the parts and components used to assemble your product's PC boards can really add up. Contract manufacturing companies can help you to reduce those costs in 2 ways. First, by reviewing your plans carefully, a contract manufacturer may notice ways to make the board more efficient and compact. Secondly, contract manufacturing businesses will have long-established relationships with suppliers, resulting in a lower cost for parts.

5. Minimize Warranty Replacements

When something goes wrong with a PC board, many small electronics companies do not have the means to correct the issue, but simply choose to cut their losses and offer the customer a warranty replacement. In many cases, though, repairs would be much cheaper. When you work with a contract manufacturer, you will have someone on your team with the time to troubleshoot for the underlying problem, make the necessary corrections, and return the product to the customer. 

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Hiring a contract manufacturer to assist with your electronics assembly processes is an excellent investment that will benefit you in the long run. 

Electronic Interconnect Cabling Whitepaper from Zentech

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Electronics Manufacturing: From the Imagination to Store Shelves - It's All Interconnected

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

When you look at a PC board, what do you see? To the untrained eye, the makeup of these electronic manufacturingboards may seem chaotic and confusing. An electronics professional, on the other hand, would see a symphony of microchips, all in harmony with interconnected circuits. The completed board brings life to the technological gadgets, tools, and devices that all of us depend on each day, and its the perfect interconnection of the various components and circuitry formed by copper wire tracing that makes this possible.

 In the same way, all of the ideas, people, plans, components, machinery, and testing involved with the design and manufacture of PC boards are also interconnected. Even though there's a lot going on throughout the process, every thing and every person are intrinsically linked to one another, and the finished product depends on this connection. From start to finish, it's important that you never lose sight of the big picture and how everything works together for good.  

Electronic Interconnection: Everything Counts  

Ideas Become Designs    

Like most professionals working within the technological sector, you're very inventive and creative. You are constantly looking for ways to make things better and easier for the world through advanced electronic devices. As you think and imagine throughout the day, you begin to develop ideas. Those ideas then become the basis for creating plans and designs.

Designs Become Roadmaps    

Once you've determined what it is that you want to accomplish with your ideas, you're ready to move on to the design state. Here, you and your team of skilled engineers work together to bring your ideas to life. You put your heads together to determine how each system component will work together to complete the function or functions that you have imagined for your product.

Roadmap Plans Set Assembly Into Motion    

It is only when you have been able to nail down the final details and approve your team's designs that you can move forward with the assembly process. The design schematics will provide you with the information that you need in order to purchase the required system components and parts, and to determine how to go about actually assembling the device. Should labor from your employees be relied upon, or will the project require the use of robotics and specialized machinery? This phase of the product will offer these answers.

Assembly Yields Products     electronic manufacturing company

Regardless of whether you're creating a single working prototype or are attempting to fulfill a larger scale order of the new device, the assembly process will yield all of the products that you and/or your customers have demanded.

Products Demand Testing    

Even when the assembly and manufacture of a product is completed, it's still not ready to go out to buyers. First, specialized workers and equipment must be utilized in order to test the functionality, efficiency, and safety of the devices that have been developed by your company. Should any defects or problems be detected during this process, you may need to evaluate the underlying issue to ensure that it hasn't corrupted an entire batch. 

Tested Products are Sold to Buyers    

Once a product has been tested and approved for sale, they can be offered to your customers for purchase and for use. Your buyers will make use of your device, and are very likely to review their opinions on its efficiency and effectiveness, or make suggestions for future products.

Buyers Inspire Ideas      

Customer reviews are beneficial to electronics companies like your own. By taking the time to learn the thoughts and opinions of those using your devices, you can draw inspiration for how you can continue to make products that meet consumer demand. 

Just as the parts of a board work together to improve the lives of people throughout the world, every step in the process of developing PCBs is interconnected and important. You'll never look at the cable interconnects and tracing of a PC board again. 

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American or Offshore: Choosing The Best Electronics Manufacturing Service

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Fri, Jan 24, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Many small to mid-sized electronics companies require the help of a third party manufacturer, at contract electronic manufacturersone point or another. But while you certainly have a great deal of options when contracting with an electronics manufacturing service, it's very important to be aware that not all outsource vendors are created equally. So who should you choose to work with? Will an overseas manufacturer provide you with quality PC boards and services, or would you be better off by sticking with an American company?

Too many companies make the mistake of giving their business to the lowest bidder, but cost should not be the only factor. While an offshore electronics manufacturing service may be able to offer you what appears to be a great deal, you should be careful before making any final decisions. Generally speaking, an American-based company will be able to offer you better products and services that will save you money and stress in the long run. Here's a look at what to consider as you look to hire the best electronics manufacturing service.

Electronics Manufacturing Service Companies: American vs. Overseas


When it comes to hiring an electronics manufacturing service, you get what you pay for. If an offshore company offers you a quote that seems too good to be true, it probably is. And while the initial cost to have your board manufactured may be lower than an established American company, you may find yourself spending more than you bargained for. Low quality parts, unskilled labor, and poor craftsmanship can lead to expensive warranty replacements, and if safety standards aren't adhered to, you could end up being fined or sued.  


One of the biggest problems associated with hiring an overseas contract manufacturer is that many of the parts and components used to assembly PC boards are counterfeit. These units may not comply with American industry standards, or could cause the board to operate in a way that is not efficient or effective. Because American manufacturing is strictly regulated, you can rest assured that any board produced in the United States will be industry compliant and of the highest possible quality.  

Quality  electronics manufacturing service

One of the reasons that an overseas manufacturing service is able to keep their costs low is because they do not put an emphasis on quality control. As mentioned previously, counterfeit or low-grade components may be utilized in the construction of your products, and unskilled laborers without the proper education and training could be the ones who are attempting to assemble your complex boards. If you're hoping to remain competitive in the industry and offer your customers a superior product, it's important to work with an American contract manufacturer that employs only the most skilled professionals.  


Overseas manufacturing companies are often times not subject to the same rules, regulations, and standards as American businesses. This means that your products could be assembled in such a way that they are not industry compliant. This reduces the quality of the board, and can make them unsafe or completely unfit for use. Sticking with an American electronics manufacturing service will allow you to feel confident in the fact that your PC boards are being produced in a way that is up to the most current industry standards.  


A contract manufacturer that is based overseas will not be able to provide you with the same services as an American company. If something goes wrong with a board, for instance, it would be impractical and expensive to ship the unit overseas for troubleshooting. An American company with a direct ship repair and return depot is the most ideal option for keeping your costs low while keeping all of your customers satisfied with your products.

Don't make the mistake of contracting with a shoddy, offshore electronics manufacturing service. By finding a reputable American company, you can rest assured that you and your clients will be well taken care of. 

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Contract Electronic Manufacturers Produce Precision, Efficiency

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Is your small company struggling to keep up with its larger competitors? Although these "big Contract Electronic Manufacturersleaguers" may have the resources available to efficiently produce precise and advanced circuit boards, you may be struggling to remain as competitive. Contract electronic manufacturers help to level the playing field so that you can stay on top of your game and provide high quality products more quickly and affordably than ever. Here's how:

6 Ways That Contract Electronic Manufacturers Promote Precision & Efficiency

1. Experienced Designers & Engineers

The best contract electronic manufacturers will employ a design and engineering team that is composed of only the most skilled and experienced professionals. With years of training and work within the industry, these individuals are fully qualified to either create the plans for your prototype or device from scratch, or to review your current schematics for product efficiency and effectiveness. This guarantees that your boards will always be designed and constructed in such a way that they will operate with speed and precision while only making use of the minimum components necessary. 

2. Attention to Detail

No detail should be too big or too small for your contract manufacturing company. From start to finish, all elements of design and manufacturing should be carefully considered. A great manufacturer will take the time to review product requirements and ensure that all circuit and system design will meet these standards. Contract electronic manufacturers should also handle firmware, algorithm development, test strategies and analysis, and a host of other services that span the product's full life cycle. 

3. State-of-the-Art Machinery

Some smaller electronics companies struggle to come up with the capital required to purchase the latest and greatest technologies and machinery to be utilized in the design and assembly processes. Businesses who elect to work with contract electronic manufacturers are able to take advantage of their partner's equipment in order to create competitive, efficient products for their customers.

4. Thorough Testing

When looking for a contract manufacturer to work with your business, you should seek out a company that offers both ICT and Functional testing service for all products that it builds. Your partner should have the ability to test and troubleshoot even complex analog, digital, and RF products. Any defects that are noted during testing should be captured in a reporting and analysis database to pinpoint any trends and to lock down the underlying issue for repairs. This ensures that your products will always meet your client's expectations.Contract Electronic Assembly

5. Fulfillment Services

Even after your devices have found their way to your customers, they still must be able to operate as efficiently and precisely as they were designed to do. In the event that your product begins to fail, you will need to be able to handle the problem quickly in order to maintain your client's confidence in your business. Contract electronic manufacturers are able to shoulder the burden of troubleshooting faulty boards for you, so that you are able to find the root of the issue, repair it quickly, and turn the device back around to your customer. This will save your company the time required to investigate the fault, and will save you the money that would have otherwise needed to have been spent on supplying your client with a replacement unit.

6. Industry Compliance

When taking advantage of outside help, you must be able to trust your partner. Reputable contract electronic manufacturers will always be able to provide evidence of their compliance with industry standards for quality and safety. Often, overseas manufacturing companies will offer prices that are too good to be true, while they create products with bootlegged components that have not been approved for use. Sticking with a stateside manufacturing company will enable you to maintain confidence that every aspect of the design and assembly of your products will be on the up and up.

Are you ready to improve efficiency and precision with contract electronic manufacturers? 


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Why Are Contract Electronic Manufacturers Vital To The Economy?

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

In other posts we have explored the many ways in which contract electronic manufacturers are able to benefit businesses like your own, but what if we were to tell you that these operations also play a vital role in stimulating the American economy? In fact, these two points go hand-in-hand with one another. When contract manufacturers are able to assist electronics companies with their design and manufacturing processes, they actually contribute significantly to the economy. Here's a look at how contracted manufacturing companies do their part to help the USA.contract-electronic-manufacturers.jpg

Providing Careers on American Soil

We hear about it all the time - many of our jobs are being sent overseas where they can be performed by laborers who will accept less pay. But outsourcing work isn't doing the American economy any good, especially with unemployment rates being so high. When electronics businesses make the decision to work with contract electronic manufacturers who are based in the United States, they are stimulating the economy by securing the careers of the men and women who have the ability to assist in the design and manufacture of PCBs and complex devices. And the more often that these contract manufacturers are utilized, the more potential there is for further job creation.

Encouraging Skilled Labor and Trade Work

We live in an age where young adults are feeling wary of entering the job force. After spending years working toward a degree in higher education, too many of these individuals find themselves in positions that they are overqualified and underpaid for, leading to extreme job dissatisfaction. When there is hope of obtaining a challenging position in the electronics sector, however, it gives these folks something to aspire to. Contract electronic manufacturers require skilled workers with sharp wit and industry know-how, which means that jobs can be offered to Americans who are looking for a rewarding career with fair wages and a bright future.

Helping Smaller Businesses to Stay Competitive

Sadly, many smaller businesses struggle to keep their doors open when larger competitors are able to monopolize the market. These small scale operations may not have the resources or skilled labor required to design the most efficient and effective products, or to obtain the machinery required for the manufacture of these devices. What contract electronic manufacturers do is level the playing field. By partnering with these "underdog" companies, a contract manufacturer can offer the manpower, equipment, knowledge, and experience of a bigger business in a way that is affordable to the smaller company.electronic-design-and-manufacture.jpg

Keeping the U.S. Relevant in the Industry

There's nothing worse for the American economy than a lack of quality products made in the USA. Competing nations like China, India, and Japan all design and manufacture electronics, and many Americans buy these devices. Contract electronic manufacturers help a growing number of businesses to have the ability to construct high quality products that are compliant with industry standards and are affordable. Additionally, contract manufacturers can free up the time of a business's employees which enables American companies to come up with even better ideas and keep up with the progress of other countries. When American electronics operations are able to create the best products on the market, it encourages citizens to buy USA-made devices and keeps cash flowing.

Speeding Up the Production of Electronic Devices

With the help of professional contract electronic manufacturers, businesses are able to design and construct electronic devices far faster and more affordably, without compromising quality. This means that products can get to customers faster and at more competitive prices, further ensuring that they will make the decision to put money back into the economy by buying American. And because electronics are produced more quickly, designers have the freedom to dream up new concepts and stay ahead of the curve.

Are you ready to see firsthand how contract electronics manufacturers can work to the benefit of your business and the American economy?



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3 Times You Should Use A PC Board Assembly

Posted by Adam Washburn on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Although your electronics business has been doing fine on its own for awhile, there comes a point in every smaller company's life when it must decide whether or not to enlist the help of third party services in order to meet customer demands or to reach goals. As you weigh the costs and benefits of working with a PC board assembly company, however, you may find it difficult to know what will be best for your business. To make your decision easier, here are three situations in which contracting with a PC board assembly company should be seriouslypcb board considered.

1. You need to develop small, highly complex products

Assembling efficient and effective PCBs for today's small, lightweight electronic devices is nothing to scoff at. With technology shrinking, it only becomes more difficult for contract electronic manufacturers to develop and produce PC boards that will fit the bill. If your company is unable to afford the costs associated with advanced, state-of-the-art assembly machinery, you may be finding it very difficult to keep up with consumer demands. Older, clumsier machinery may struggle to print circuits to the board in a way that is accurate and precise. Ultimately, this can result in faulty products, lost money as you are forced to throw out boards where the circuit was not properly etched, and can make the assembly process take far longer than it should. Once this step is completed, you must have the ability to carefully and skillfully drill holes into the board in order to accommodate all of the necessary design components.

Without new, properly maintained machinery, the likelihood for expensive errors will increase significantly. If this sounds all-too familiar, it is time to consider working with a PC board assembly company that can take on these burdens for you. With the latest automatic machinery, robotics, and extremely talented and experienced technicians, even the smallest and most detailed PCBs can be manufactured with accuracy.

2. You're looking to reduce time and costs

Time is money, which means that speed is a must in terms of cost-efficient and success. The more time it takes you to produce PC boards, the more you must charge your customers. If the costs grow too high, your clients will turn elsewhere. The problem is that without the ability toPrinted Circuit Board Assembly assemble your devices fast while still maintaining a high level of quality and precision, you will find yourself falling behind. The best and most economical way for smaller companies to resolve this issue is to contract with a PC board assembly company. With the help of a team of professional designers, engineers, and manufacturers, you will be able to turn out products that are efficient, effective and highly functional in a fraction of the time and for less capitol.

3. You're hoping to grow

The goal of any business is to grow and thrive, but unless you're able to produce fast, quality, and competitively priced PC boards, you're going to end up being stuck in the same place for awhile. Your company may have the ability to produce very small quantities of your products, but in order for you to take on larger clients and increase your profits, you need to be able to keep up with larger orders. Often, the "little guys" get stuck in a "Catch-22 situation" wherein a large client places a large order. If you're paid for the large order, you can afford to hire more help or purchase new equipment, but you can't get paid until you produce quality PC boards. Unfortunately, you can't produce the boards, because you don't yet have the manpower or machinery required. To get yourself out of this rut, you can work with a PC board assembly company that will enable you to produce more PCBs in less time so that you an fulfill purchase orders and finally grow. 

Is it time for you to hire a PC board assembly partner?

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Contract Electronic Manufacturers Produce Precision, Efficiency

Posted by Laura Austin on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Contract manufacturing is a practice that describes the signing of a working agreement between two organizations. As mentioned in the agreement, one company offers products or services on behalf of the second company. What this helps in, is getting freed from maintaining and managing manufacturing tools and facilities, selecting and purchasing raw materials and also hiring labor that can help in producing the end product. Today, most businesses are entering into contract manufacturing agreements to enjoy a win-win situation. Just a few such include types of a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company, computer manufacturing, food manufacturing and electronic contract manufacturers (ECM). Also, companies dealing with production of hygiene and personal care products, medical supplies, automotive parts and more are entering this setup.

Contract electronic manufacturing: when did this began and why?

Contract electronic manufacturers are very much in demand in current times. The business contract-electronicsfocuses on accomplishing manufacturing needs for low and medium volume industries that demand products which are highly reliable. Defense, aerospace, scientific instrumentations, oil and gas exploration, mass transportation, professional electronic industries are few such industries in this respect. The major reason which has driven electronic companies towards contract electronic manufacturers is the recession that shook up the global finances. Several companies feel safer to sign a contract with an electronics manufacturer than setting up a unit themselves.

The advantages of hiring a contract electronic manufacturer

One should hire a company which has years of experience, and many good referrals from all their past projects.

  • The greatest advantage of hiring an ECM is efficient results at lower cost.

  • Professionals at such companies are well versed and are capable of leading you from conceptualization stage through development and designing, prototype building, device testing and to designing and end product assembly manufacturing.

  • Engineers here are experienced and acknowledged and can manage projects of any size efficiently, thus helping you enjoy efficient outcomes.

  • Most such manufacturers have the most updated and state of the art equipments and comply with the latest industry standards, meaning you can save a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent in undertaking the whole set up.

Your chances of getting discounts are high as most of these service providers carry out bulk orders. So, spend your money on other core needs and leave the work on contract electronicContract Electronic Manufacturers manufacturers who can offer you efficient results, at low cost and within deadlines.

Hiring contract electronic manufacturers can help you enjoy precision and efficiency

The world of electronics is changing and so are its needs and demands. Outsourcing your needs to a service provider who is well equipped with the necessary tools, skill and experience can help you in enjoying many tangible advantages worth considering. The efficiency you can enjoy when hiring such service provider is top notch, and much better than what it must have been when you handled the work. The new product introduction would seem much accurate, easy also you can experience cost effective material management. Also, order fulfillment would seem achievable. The technical competency is as per the industry standards. The customer satisfaction curve is high and acceptable. The prompt management response is simply overwhelming which can help you enjoy precision with the utmost efficiency in every project you undertake.

The Future Scope

Outsourcing is a trend that will gain ample momentum in the nearing future and saying that contract electronic manufacturers are here to stay, will not be exaggerating. If you are looking to cut down on cost and enjoy precision proof strategies and efficient end results then there is nothing better than outsourcing your work to an ECM.

Zentech Manufacturing Inc. is one of the leading contract manufacturing companies in the USA. The company excels in building other people’s products while taking care of efficiency and precision. Having Zentech by your side will relieve you from every worry regarding quality control, technical efficiency, precision proof results and cost effectiveness.

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