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Why Should I Partner With A PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Jun 03, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

 PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Are you providing your clients with the best and most affordable electronics possible? With every passing year, keeping up with the competition grows increasingly difficult. Electronics are becoming more and more complex, while also growing smaller and more compact. Designing an efficient, lightweight, yet dense product is no walk in the park, and assembling small scale units isn't any easier. No one is feeling the pressure as much as the "underdog" electronics companies. 

While larger corporations may have the financial resources to purchase sophisticated equipment for design and manufacture, your business's budget might not allow for the same. This is problematic for a number of reasons. The most obvious issue is that your company struggles to make ends meet, as it's more of a challenge for you to create industrially competitive devices for your targeted consumer marketplace. In addition to this, when smaller business have difficulty "keeping up with the Joneses", customers suddenly find that they have fewer options for purchasing the electronic products that they need. This allows major companies to monopolize the market, which isn't good for anyone.

It's a vicious cycle. When you can't take advantage of the latest engineering and PCB assembly technologies, you're unable to offer your customers a product that is technologically and financially competitive. From here, you run the risk of losing business, which will make it even more challenging for you to keep up with the rest of the market. So what's the solution? In cases like this, you could benefit from a partnership with a contracted PCB assembly manufacturer.

5 Reasons Why Partnering with a PCB Assembly Manufacturer is in Your Best Interest

At first, you may feel hesitant about bringing in a third-party manufacturing company. Still, more and more smaller-scale businesses are realizing how "passing the baton" of PCB assembly to a contract manufacturer can work to their benefit. Here's a look at why such a partnership is advantageous:

1. Improve Design Efficiency

Contract manufacturers can actually do more than simply handle the PCB assembly process - they can also work with you to improve your design schematics. The key to an effective and low-cost PC board is in design efficiency. A partner may be able to point out areas where the board can be made more efficient, requiring fewer system components and less labor.

2. Two Heads are Better Than One

It's always good to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your plans to ensure that there are no critical flaws that could cause expensive problems with your boards down the road. By patterning up with a professional contract manufacturing company, you'll reduce the likelihood that your boards and products will have problems.

3. Manufacture with the Latest Technologiespcb desgin

The beauty of working with a PCB assembly company is that you can take advantage of all of the latest design and manufacture technologies without being required to invest the money in acquiring the equipment, housing it, or maintaining it. When you're partnered with a contract manufacturer, your boards will be designed with the utmost precision and will be assembled using sophisticated robotic arms and other advanced processes. This is beneficial to you as a business, and to your customers who will have access to products that are powered by quality assembled PC boards.

4. Reduce Material Costs

Another way to scale back your costs is through saving money on parts and components. A contract manufacturing company will often have strong relationships with suppliers. This allows the PCB assembly business to produce excellent boards more affordably, thus lowering your acquisition costs as well. 

5. Save on Repairs

Stop throwing away money on warranty replacements. By finding a PCB manufacturer that stands behind its product with fulfillment services like troubleshooting and repair, you'll save big on the cost to replace faulty units.

Don't go it alone. By partnering with a PCB manufacturer, you can stay competitive and profitable.


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