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Zentech Specializes in High Complexity Electronics Manufacturing

Posted by Stephanie Weaver on Thu, Apr 19, 2018 @ 08:55 AM

Zentech manufacturing processZentech has a proven world class manufacturing process that creates high quality circuit card assemblies with near zero defects using state of the art Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and associated Automated Optical Inspection (AOI).

A detailed process flow, created by our Manufacturing Engineering team, is prepared for each assembly. Each item is defined through company work instructions, standard operating procedures, and other command media. All Assembly Instructions (AI) are accessible at our inline computer workstations and are specific for the assembly and the work center.

Zentech specializes in high complexity electronics manufacturing, including:

  • 18” x 15” – oversized PCBAs
  • Immersion Silver Surface Finish – unique surface finish requiring precise process controls and thermal management
  • Over 400 unique component types – industry-typical PCBA has 100-150 BOM items.
  • Over 8000 SMT part placements – very high number of placements requires high-throughput SMT processing equipment.
  • Smallest parts include 01005s – smallest in the industry; half the size of a grain of salt.
  • More than 50,000 interconnects – extremely dense; the many opportunities for failure require extraordinary process controls.
  • Double-sided SMT Assembly – components on both sides of PCB require specialized processing.
  • High BOM costs ($30K+) – the industry average BOM cost is $500, precise process controls are required to mitigate the scrap risk on high dollar value BOM items.
  • Electro-mechanical Unit Level Build – integrating the PCBA into chassis and enclosure.
  • Advanced stenciling to support multiple FPGA Form Factors – specialized process and proprietary to Zentech to ensure adequate solder paste deposition on all devices during a single pass.
  • 6”x 9”, .140” overall thickness – twice the thickness of typical (.062”) PCBA; requires 13 zone oven to adequately dissipate thermal energy and heat the product uniformly during processing.
  • > 3600 Components, Dual Side SMT - components on both sides of PCB require specialized processing.
  • 400+ QFNs, LGAs, FPGAs, uBGAs – average PCBA has 2-4 of these devices. This is extremely dense and requires unique SMT processing capabilities.
  • Functional and ESS Testing
  • 2D Automated X-Ray Inspection
  • AOI - Automated Optical Inspection for bottom terminated components
  • 4D Flying Probe Testing

About Zentech: 

Zentech Manufacturing, Inc. is a privately held, engineering-driven contract manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of highly-complex electronic and RF circuit cards and assemblies. The company is headquartered in its purpose-built facility located in Baltimore, MD, and in Fredericksburg, VA, and maintains several key certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, ITAR (US State Dept.), AS9100 (aerospace), and ISO 13485 (medical). In addition, Zentech is a certified IPC Trusted Source supplier for Class 3 mission-critical electronics, and the company is IPC J-STD-001 Space Addendum QML certified and is now NIST 800-171 compliant. Zentech Fredericksburg operations is also a Mid-Atlantic leader in the fabrication of wire harnesses and over-molded cables for harsh environments.

Zentech Baltimore Video Tour

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