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Engineering Manufacturing Companies, Why They're Coming To The US

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Wed, Nov 20, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

After the manufacturing industry took a hit during the recession, a great deal of workers foundpc board assembly their jobs being handed to off-shore businesses. The tides, though, are definitely turning, bringing a growing number of engineering manufacturing companies back home to American soil.  Why the sudden turn around? And what is the outlook for the future of the engineering and manufacturing industry in the U.S? Here's a closer look at the facts.

The Evolution of Technology is Creating New Opportunities

The high-tech sector is generating a lot of buzz these days, as it is significantly contributing to the comeback of American engineering manufacturing companies. The first smartphone assembled in the United States is to be rolled out by Motorola Mobility, and will create work for some 2,000 employees in the design, engineering, and manufacturing business. At the same time, Apple, Inc. is moving forward with plans to invest $100 million in order to develop a Mac product line that will be assembled in the U.S., and with components and equipment that are also built in the U.S. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

In fact, according to Stephen Gold, president of the Manufacturer's Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, engineering manufacturing companies are 75% recovered from the recession. It is estimated that by the end of 2014, the sector will return to pre-recession levels, which means that those in the manufacturing industry can expect a lot of new work to be coming their way.

Even though changing technologies make a significant difference in the way that engineering manufacturing companies carry out certain tasks, these innovations can also yield further work opportunities for those in the industry. Automation and technology make it easier for manufacturing companies to meet consumer demands, develop better products, and be more profitable than ever before.

Preparing for the Road Ahead

Although the comeback of engineering manufacturing companies in America is certainly good news, it can also be somewhat overwhelming for "underdog" businesses. Small to mid-sized electronics companies may have the will to cater to their customer's needs and develop all of their own products, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. Without the right technologies, equipment, and machinery on hand, these companies may find themselves struggling to keep up with orders, or to create boards that are up to industry standards.

Because of this, it's important for smaller businesses to begin giving thought to how they will accept the many opportunities ahead and thrive - without sacrificing quality or struggling to meet customer deadlines. Often, the best way to do this is by contracting with third party engineering manufacturing companies.

Professional engineering manufacturing companies have the ability the assist smaller electronicsEngineering Manufacturing Companies businesses with their orders - from start to finish. By partnering up with a skilled design and engineering team, you can rest assured that your specs will be as clean and efficient as possible, so that your products don't come back with flaws, or operate less effectively than you had hoped. You can also take advantage of your partner company's manufacturing capabilities and equipment. This allows you to enjoy the most advanced machinery and technologies without having to purchase or maintain it within your own facility, cutting your costs and increasing profit margins.

You will also find that American based engineering manufacturing companies are always up to par in terms of complying with the latest industry standards for safety and quality. Off-shore contract manufacturers are on the decline, as bootlegged components and equipment are not uncommon, and American regulations are often not adhered to. Sticking with an experienced American contractor will guarantee quality parts and quality products. Through partnerships with the best suppliers, skilled laborers, careful testing procedures, and a passion for excellence, contract engineering manufacturing companies are sure to revolutionize the electronics industry in the United States. 

How is your business making preparations for the influx of business in the electronics design and manufacturing sector? 

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Electronic Design And Manufacture, What Services Are Involved?

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Wed, Nov 13, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Could making the decision to contract with an electronic design and manufacture company helpElectronic Design And Manufacture improve your business? Although you may think that you have all of your bases covered, you might be surprised to learn what a third party agency could do for you. Regardless of whether you are in need of complete design and build services, or if you just need a little assistance in fine tuning your processes, you could benefit significantly from a partnership with a contract manufacturer. Here's a quick guide to what you can expect from both the design and manufacture side of working with a third party contractor.

Design Services 

A truly qualified electronic design and manufacture contractor can provide you with numerous solutions throughout the design process, such as:

  • Prototyping - If you have an idea for a device, it can be created - as long as you have the right resources at your fingertips. The design services provided by your contract manufacturer can help to bring your prototype to life, quickly and efficiently. The fast-turnaround will enable you to familiarize yourself with your device, so that you can explain and present it to your prospect clients for future orders. And careful, detailed planning ensures that your product will operate without a hitch.

  • Review - Your business may employ a skilled set of designers and engineers, but that doesn't mean that you couldn't benefit from the insight of a professional electronic design and manufacture service. These individuals have years of industry experience, enabling them to quickly spot any flaws in your design schematics, or areas that could be improved. Ultimately, this could result in more compact, affordable boards, and a faster, more efficient device.

  • Reworking - In some cases, your team may be stuck on a problem with one of your boards. For whatever reason, the device is not functioning as well as it should, or is faulting. Whether your engineers are unable to determine the source of the glitch, or are simply struggling to come up with a solution to the problem, third party designers can provide a fresh set of eyes to examine the underlying issue from another angle. With this input, you can rework your designs much faster. 

Manufacturing Services

It's very important to look for a contract manufacturer who can turn your designs into a reality with skill, speed, and precision. Your contract manufacture should be able to offer:

  • Skillful assembly production - A reliable electronic design and manufacture company will have a comprehensive understanding of the demands of systems assembly. Your contract manufacturer should have the ability to provide you with a customized solution that may include services like configure/build to order, assembly at the chassis, cage, or rack level, custom cabling, documentation, etc. All of this should be handled in direct compliance with industry standards. Electronic Design

  • Advanced machinery - Choose a manufacturer who makes use of the latest technologies throughout the systems assembly process. For complex yet very compact devices, the use of robotic arms may be necessary. 

  • Thorough product testing - In order to avoid losses and damage to your business's reputation, your contract manufacturer should take care to provide ICT and functional testing services for absolutely everything that it constructs for you. This will alert your manufacturing partner to any problems, early on, preventing the issue or error from being mass produced. This also ensures that your customers will only receive the highest quality products from you.

  • Troubleshoot and repair - Beyond manufacturing, your third party contractor should stand behind its electronic design and manufacture services to the point where it offers troubleshooting and repair for the devices that it produces. By taking the time to systematically seek out the underlying issue at its source, your partner company can help you to repair your boards without being forced to replace the unit entirely. This helps your business to save significantly on time and money.

Which electronic design and manufacture services could your business use? 

Selecting an Electronics  Manufacturing Services Provider? Ask the RIGHT Questions>>

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PCB Repair Services, It's More Affordable Than You'd Think

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

When a PC board fails or malfunctions, are you the type of business that decides to chuck it out and replace it, or do you take the opportunity to troubleshoot and repair? Although it's unfortunate, most smaller electronics businesses simply don't have the time or resources required to investigate PC board troubles, and the process of repairing system components can actually become more expensive than simply replacing it with a new one. It doesn't have to be this way, though. A growing number of operations are electing to work with contract manufacturers who offer stellar PCB repair services because it is extremely affordable and can actually help to lower your costs. Here's how you can find PCB service repair that is budget-friendly and can improve your business. pcb-repair-services.jpg

Choose an Honest Contract Manufacturer

When it comes to outsourcing the design and manufacture of your electronic devices, you will find no shortage of contractors who are ready and willing to take the job. Unfortunately, this same eagerness for your business does not always translate to fulfillment services like PCB repair. After the company has produced your gadgets, you become solely responsible for ensuring that it is up to par, functioning properly, and for handling any repairs that may need to be made. Unfortunately, because another company actually created and developed the product, you may not have the expertise required to address any faults or issues. On top of this, when you work with an outsourced firm, there are all sorts of unknown variables. You may be in the dark with regards to whether or not the devices were produced to spec, if high quality components were used, or if the units were properly tested. In order to avoid major problems like these, it is imperative that you take the time to do your research and select an honest and reputable manufacturer who will stand behind their product and see it through every step of its production. 

But how will you know if your contract manufacturer is up to snuff? Here's a look at what you should expect from your manufacturer in terms of fulfillment and PCB repair services:
  • Thorough failure testing
  • Direct customer repair and return depot
  • Component-level diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Per-component replacement as opposed to a full unit replacement
Quality Fulfillment and PCB Repair Services Yield Savings

The effort that you put into finding the best possible contract manufacturer will pay you back significantly. When your partner company is confident enough in its products to offer PCB repair services, you can rest assured that they will always make the greatest effort to build your products correctly the first time, following industry standards and utilizing high quality parts. This means that you can build up a better reputation with your clients, growing your consumer base, and bringing in more profit. In the event that something does go wrong with a PC board, your customers will be able to directly ship the product and have it quickly assessed by those who designed and constructed it for the underlying issue. Wherever possible, component level replacements and repairs will be made so that your company does not have to throw money down the drain on replacing the entire unit. Because the process of evaluating faults and repairing them will be so much quicker, you will keep your customers happier and save a great deal of money.electronic-design-and-manufacture.jpg

As an added benefit, PCB repair services contribute to a greener world, as the process encourages the recycling of parts. By making an effort to reduce your company's carbon footprint you can attract even more clients, as today's consumers appreciate those businesses who are environmentally responsible.

Although there may be some cases in which a PC board is beyond repair, your first thought shouldn't be to waste money on replacement. By contracting with a great contractor who offers PCB repair services, you can save money and improve your business.
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Why Are Contract Electronic Manufacturers Vital To The Economy?

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

In other posts we have explored the many ways in which contract electronic manufacturers are able to benefit businesses like your own, but what if we were to tell you that these operations also play a vital role in stimulating the American economy? In fact, these two points go hand-in-hand with one another. When contract manufacturers are able to assist electronics companies with their design and manufacturing processes, they actually contribute significantly to the economy. Here's a look at how contracted manufacturing companies do their part to help the USA.contract-electronic-manufacturers.jpg

Providing Careers on American Soil

We hear about it all the time - many of our jobs are being sent overseas where they can be performed by laborers who will accept less pay. But outsourcing work isn't doing the American economy any good, especially with unemployment rates being so high. When electronics businesses make the decision to work with contract electronic manufacturers who are based in the United States, they are stimulating the economy by securing the careers of the men and women who have the ability to assist in the design and manufacture of PCBs and complex devices. And the more often that these contract manufacturers are utilized, the more potential there is for further job creation.

Encouraging Skilled Labor and Trade Work

We live in an age where young adults are feeling wary of entering the job force. After spending years working toward a degree in higher education, too many of these individuals find themselves in positions that they are overqualified and underpaid for, leading to extreme job dissatisfaction. When there is hope of obtaining a challenging position in the electronics sector, however, it gives these folks something to aspire to. Contract electronic manufacturers require skilled workers with sharp wit and industry know-how, which means that jobs can be offered to Americans who are looking for a rewarding career with fair wages and a bright future.

Helping Smaller Businesses to Stay Competitive

Sadly, many smaller businesses struggle to keep their doors open when larger competitors are able to monopolize the market. These small scale operations may not have the resources or skilled labor required to design the most efficient and effective products, or to obtain the machinery required for the manufacture of these devices. What contract electronic manufacturers do is level the playing field. By partnering with these "underdog" companies, a contract manufacturer can offer the manpower, equipment, knowledge, and experience of a bigger business in a way that is affordable to the smaller company.electronic-design-and-manufacture.jpg

Keeping the U.S. Relevant in the Industry

There's nothing worse for the American economy than a lack of quality products made in the USA. Competing nations like China, India, and Japan all design and manufacture electronics, and many Americans buy these devices. Contract electronic manufacturers help a growing number of businesses to have the ability to construct high quality products that are compliant with industry standards and are affordable. Additionally, contract manufacturers can free up the time of a business's employees which enables American companies to come up with even better ideas and keep up with the progress of other countries. When American electronics operations are able to create the best products on the market, it encourages citizens to buy USA-made devices and keeps cash flowing.

Speeding Up the Production of Electronic Devices

With the help of professional contract electronic manufacturers, businesses are able to design and construct electronic devices far faster and more affordably, without compromising quality. This means that products can get to customers faster and at more competitive prices, further ensuring that they will make the decision to put money back into the economy by buying American. And because electronics are produced more quickly, designers have the freedom to dream up new concepts and stay ahead of the curve.

Are you ready to see firsthand how contract electronics manufacturers can work to the benefit of your business and the American economy?



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PCB Prototype Assembly: See Your Vision Before It's Made

Posted by Matthew Turpin on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Putting a new product out in the world is a very exciting prospect, but building up a hype about a vision is not always easy. How can you get your customers excited about what you have to offer, when you don't actually have it on offer yet? This is where PCB prototype assembly comes into play. By transforming your ideas into something tangible, you can generate interest in your electronics as a means of testing your target audience for responsiveness to the product or taking pre-orders to fund the manufacture of a larger product supply. Whatever your reasons, developing a professional prototype will make a significant difference for your business. Here's a look at what you can expect when you work with a contract manufacturer to create your PCB prototype

Enjoy Help Throughout the Design Processpcb_prototype_assembly.jpg

In some instances, you may have a working concept of what it is that you want your device to be able to do, but you're "stuck" on actually putting those ideas into motion. In this case, you would be best served by hiring a contract manufacturer to help you come up with an efficient and effective design schematic. With a thorough knowledge of industry standards, your partner company will have the ability to streamline your thoughts into a plan for a cutting edge product that is sure to impress your client base. With a little help from professional engineers, you'll find that even better ideas might be brought to the table, taking you and your device to the next level. 

Let the Professionals Bring Your Ideas to Life

Once the design phase has been completed, it is time to move into the PCB prototype assembly process. Whether you and your team were able to entirely develop the schematics for your product in-house, or you worked with your contract manufacturer to further develop your concepts, you will now have the opportunity to see those ideas brought to life in the form of a working prototype. Your contract manufacturer should have an extensive background in developing sensitive electronic devices, and utilize state-of-the-art machinery and equipment when doing so. The product should then be tested for functionality and any errors should be trouble-shooted and corrected promptly. This ensures that you'll be able to go to your customers with an outstanding prototype that will truly impress them. 

Experience Fast, Quality Servicecontract_electronics_manufacturer.jpg

In many cases, you will need help developing your new product fast. If a client is expressing interest in your ideas and would like to set up a meeting to test your products, you need to be able to present your electronics and close the deal quickly. Regardless of when you need your device ready, your contract manufacturer should be able to handle the pressure and navigate through the PCB prototype assembly process in a timely manner. Additionally, working with an American based manufacturer will ensure speedier service and higher quality parts. With a significantly reduced shipping time, you'll receive your prototype much faster. And when you work with a domestic partner, you can rest assured that all industry standards will be adhered to. 

Expand your Market and Grow Your Business

When you have the ability to take even your most basic concepts and turn them into a professional prototype, you will have the opportunity to truly thrive. By developing a working model of your newest product offerings, you can keep up with the competition, stay ahead of the curve, build buzz for your business, and expand your client base.  As you're able to introduce your concepts to the market faster and receive more immediate feedback through the PCB prototype assembly process, you will find that your business will only continue to improve.

An idea is only valuable when it can be shared with the world. Are you ready to take your concepts the next level by working with a contract manufacturer for PCB prototype assembly?


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What Is Involved In An Electromechanical Assembly?

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, May 30, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Some field of technology like robotics or any other field that amalgamates mechanical motion with electricity has to use implementations of electromechanical designs. Under most cases, such combinations will result into functional units such as electric fans, a vacuum cleaner the motor that spins the disk in your computer.

In an electromechanical assembly plant, some core activities cannot be avoided if a design has to be implemented and released in the market safely. These involve:electro-mechanical-assembly

  • Design of the solution

  • Creation of prototypes and testing their functionality

  • Mass production of the product

Actual design of the solution

This is the foremost step in the making of any electromechanical assembly. Designers review the customer requirements and sketch an idea that in their opinion meets the requirements of the user whilst maintaining user safety and durability of the product.

After the conceptualization of the idea in the mind of the designer, most companies nowadays follow up with another strategically important step of modeling the design using a software build. This allows for the creation of a simulation in a computer setting with the exact environmental factors that the gadget will later be exposed to. This allows designers to learn from how the prototype works and eliminate any design flaws before the creation of the first actual model.

Creating actual prototypes and testing their working

Though the whole idea of simulated computer testing is meant to replace this step, there are some designs that must just be physically tested. This is important especially for critical electromechanical systems whose failure can lead to fatalities. By subject the first design to real life use scenario, experts can identify other faults especially those relates to structural strength and versatility.

This step can be made more bearable by building pcb prototype assemblies that concentrate on the part of the build you want to test. For instance, if your electromechanical design consists of a cooling fan and a mechanical arm and you are interested in the fan alone, you can omit the arm and look for something to cheaply simulate the arm hence cutting down on the complexity and cost of the prototype.

The actual mass production of the product

Ideally, this is the actual task of any electromechanical assembly plant. This is because it conventionally takes most of the time and input in terms of labor and cash while producing the actual end product to take to the market. Since the product has gone through all its test steps, no more research is needed in this step and all you need is your employees to churnelectromechanical-assembly out as many exact replicas of the original as they can per unit time.

To ensure that the models produced at this step, you can decide to use automated manufacture systems operated by a highly trained team. This will ensure that the market gets a taste of what you worked on without any flaws.

Other miscellaneous activities also core in electromechanical assembly

Apart from the actual steps aimed at taking a product through the four main phases in its production cycle, other things that go on at an assembly plant are also worth noting. For instance, your company must invest in elaborate systems that are both effective and safe to use.

The procuring of such systems will cost money and will need prior research to avoid ending up with something that you do not need. Important things that you should aspire to eliminate when staffing and buying equipment for an electromechanical assembly plant include;

  • safety of the equipment and the employees who will use it

  • the effectiveness of the systems you purchase

  • the dedication and skill of your staf

  • the relationship between employees and their tools in the plant

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Perfecting Electronic Design And Manufacture

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Apr 25, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

In the creation of systems that accomplish achieve great levels of performance without compromising their power consumption and size; there is the need to use well-designed electronic components. This pushes electronic component designers to come up with ways of designing and manufacturing new and more efficient components.

The quest to perfecting on electronic design and manufacture starts with the creation of innovation that will not only open new frontiers to the designers but also develop better andelectronic design more efficient ways to implement designs.

In the making of electronic components, the whole task starts with the mere designing of the proposed component layout. While this can be created as an imagination of the designer's mind the physically implemented, designers no longer, do this. There are systems to simulate designs and test them to ensure that they do exactly what you intent them to do in the most efficient way possible.

Different experts use different systems to simulate designs specific to their field. The precision of the tool used will vary depending on the precision of the design at hand. For instance, coming up with a simple design that uses High Scale Integration techniques would not need very high precision tools since the scale of integration sort of give some room for error.

However, designers charge with the task of coming up with very large scale integration designs have no option but to look for elaborate design systems that take care of each and every small detail that can lead to poor performance in a chip.

The theory of miniaturization deals only with reduced cost per electronic component and ignores the number of details designers have to take into consideration during electronic design and manufacture of such components. For instance, thinner conducting wires lead to higher resistivity, which should be eliminated during design phase. This cannot be achieved if you as the designer lack means of modeling a detailed design during your trial phase.

Apart from having the best design tool at you help, you also need to have the knowledge and the general knack as a designer to make it big in the field. Design software and other intelligent systems used in electronic design and manufacture are just like tools. They cannot bail you out of design trouble if you do not know how and when to use them

After the design phase is complete, the other thing that you should do to complete the whole
idea of perfect design and manufacture is through proper implementation of designs. It is one thing to design a system and virtually test it and another to create a real life replica of the same.

Hurdles to implementing designs arise from lack of the elite raw material and components that the designer had in mind because you feel that you do not have enough money for the
electronic design and manufacturejob. In addition to this, the lack of a skilled task force might hinder the implementation of designs since some details of the job might not be observed to the latter.

Thanks to technology, electronic design and manufacture can also draw from existing artificial intelligence constructs to come up with ways of achieving precision that human beings cannot sustain while producing components to meet the market demand. Such tools can be used to make the manufacture task easier, faster and more precise but will never replace the natural skill of the manufacture’s human task force.

If you want to perfect on electronic design and manufacture, you have to ensure that both your machines and workers are of top quality and remain in shape. In addition to keeping a state of the art task force, it is the work of the manager to ensure that a conducive working environment is set to allow delivery of designs and components without breaching terms and conditions of a contract or draining employees in order to satisfy client demands.

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Electronic Design And Manufacture: Elegant, Precise

Posted by Laura Austin on Tue, Apr 09, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Designing electronics, whether they will be used by consumers or within the confines of a factory or office space, all still need to uphold to the same kind of high quality practices. That means all of the parts and components used are of the highest quality, the building and testing is also of the highest quality, and finally when the electronics are ready to be used for daily use, they again need to be of a high quality that must meet certain standards. In order to have such precision and detail to the quality of the overall product, you need to be able to find a electronic design and manufacture company that only knows how to make the best
Electronic Design And Manufacture products.

If you're thinking that all manufacturer companies are more or less the same, and that you're going to find the same consistency of quality between them, then you're greatly mistaken! Contrary to popular belief, there are many different factors that help differentiate the quality
between designs and builds that more or less look the same--and are probably built with the same process. So, how do you make sure that your products are only receiving the best of the best?

Precision Is Key

The biggest priority for both the electronic design and manufacture company and the client is precision. This is a great indicator that things are going to work and continue to work for several years to come. All manufacture companies must uphold to a certain precision, but certain ones have more precision through better machinery and lasers than others. This can normally be seen in how the final product functions. Something with less precision is going to wear down easier, or might even break down altogether.

Precision also needs to be present during the design process, way before anything is being built on the assembly line. When you're working with the manufacturer's design team, always highlight that things need to be precise. Their engineers can make sure that everything needs to be where it is, with enough liberties within the design for those "what if" scenarios and any wandering drill bits.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Products and components in any industry, any factory or manufacturer needs to be rigorously tested to make sure it is ready for the "real world." There needs to be preliminary tests, tests with prototypes, and even final tests right before it is shipped off to the client. All of these tests ensure that the precision was made by the electronic design and manufacture company and won't cost you tons of money and time.

electronic designTouch of Elegance

Sounds a little bit silly? It shouldn't, since even electronic components can have a certain elegance to make them streamlined and work very smoothly, allowing them to get their job done. This is brought on through the high quality precision during the design and assembly stages, as well as all of the tests that the product must pass, in order to achieve a certain mark of elegance to make something truly innovative and helpful in this very technology driven world.

All of this can be achieved with the right electronics design services, and electronic design and manufacture company, all it takes is doing some careful research and looking around on your part. Your designs and products don't need to simply go through a design and assembly process that is rushed for the sake of money, you can still have a reasonable budget and some amazing work done at the same time.

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Contract Electronics Manufacturer: Credentials Ensure Quality

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Partnering with the right Contract Electronics Manufacturer is crucial to maximize the benefits of a great design. Structuring the prototype or coming up with a winning design is just the beginning of a long journey.electronics-contract-manufacturing

The manufacturing of your design requires commitment. A poorly manufactured product can be the downfall of a potentially powerful design.  The contract electronics manufacturer you choose more or less decides the fate of your design and your product. It is essential that you make this choice with care.

You will find multiples of contract electronics manufacturer eager to offer their services to you. Be careful not to sign up with the first manufacturer who gives you the most cost effective deal. For your design to taste success in the competitive markets, you need more than just a service provider. You need a partner who understands the intricacies of your design and knows how to deliver your design most reliably. A good contract electronics manufacturer should also be able to provide you with advice and guidance as and when required.

Points To Remember While Hiring A Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Before engaging the services of a contract electronics manufacturer always check their credentials. What the past clients of a particular manufacturer have to say about their services and deliverables can help you take the right decision. Take advantage of other’s experiences.

The Number Of Engineers - Check the number of individuals that a manufacturer has beencontract electronics manufacturer dedicated to in prior projects. Good credentials from past customers should be able to give you a fair idea of how big the manufacturing unit is. You can always question your contract manufacturing company about the kind of resources he is willing to dedicate to your product

The Track Record - Check the track record of the contract electronics manufacturer you are interested in.  Make a study of the number of new launches they have done and compare it with the time they have taken to churn out the launches.  A manufacturer who has a good track record of launching new products is bound to have credentials to verify their service.

Efficient Services - 
A good contract electronics manufacturer is well equipped with efficient new product introduction services, procurement facilities and configuration management. Check for client complaints against manufacturers for deficiencies in their services.  An efficient manufacturer keeps his services updated and is ready to provide good services.

Volume Manufacturing - 
Depending on the demands of your design, do a pre-check on whether or not the contract electronics manufacturer can handle the manufacturing of higher volumes. 

Software Designing Capabilities - 
The manufacturer you wish to partner with should have electronics-manufacturergood credentials to verify the software capabilities. They should have the necessary equipment to test design fixtures and introduce successful products into the market. 

Counsel - 
Credentials of past clients should be able to help you decide whether the particular contract electronics manufacturer can provide guidance to direct your design towards becoming a successful product.  They should have a sound design qualification which will assist you in making immediate and necessary changes in your design as and when the situation demands.

Approvals and Certifications - 
A contract electronics manufacturer should be able to partner with you and your design through the entire life cycle.  Check for credentials which tell you whether or not the manufacturer you are interested in can obtain relevant approvals and certifications for your product

A little caution and some background check can go a long way in ensuring that the design you have come up with sees the light of the launch it deserves.

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Pick A Process And Create It With PCB Prototype Assembly

Posted by Laura Austin on Thu, Mar 28, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Whether you are a buyer of manufactured electronic components or the engineer assembling the PCB, you should know that there are several different processes which can be utilized for any of your projects. This is especially true when it comes to PCB prototype assembly, because finding the right process that will save time, money, and create a high quality product is of utmost importance.

During the drafting and electronic design and manufacture step, most engineers will craft a prototype to see how everything will be placed on the circuit board, what components can be used, and other such tests to measure how much will needed or can be done for the final project before going head first into it all. This is a crucial step that shouldn't be rushed or neglected, and it is a perfect reason to test out a process of your choosing and see the results.

The Processes

There are two groups of processes: subtractive and additive. With subtractive, the excess copper coated plating is stripped away in order to complete the PCB assembling. When you go with the subtractive process, you have the following options:

  • Milling. This is a common way to create PCBs by using a milling machinery tool to manufacture the brunt of the product. This type of machinery is also known as a "PCB Prototyper," and is always commanded by y-, x-, and z-axis software to create the board.

  • Silk Screen Printing. Just like with t-shirts and clothing, a PCB can be created via silk screen printing, even during the PCB prototype assembly process. Although, it's a bit different than t-shirt printing, though it still uses ink to create part of a board.

  • Photoengraving. The photoresist coating is removed through this process, leaving only the conductive plating that is required for the PCB to work properly. This process also utilizes laser engraving and etching.

There is also the additive process, which adds the copper instead of stripping away the excess. It is a very common process that is similar to photoengraving by using photosensitive laminate and placing the board into a chemical bath that will coat it with the necessary conductive materials. This is the most popular way to create a board.

Create a Shortlist

Different PCBs are more than likely going to require different processes in order to work, as it depends on their function and why they are being created. And that means you need to be able to create a shortlist of processes that you want to try first, then pick the ones that will be in a shortlist--a "wish list," in a way--that can picked from.

PCB prototype assembly requires these processes, but, only one can be chosen for each PCB. PCB-prototype-assemblySome are going to be cost effective, others are going to shave off time from your overall PCB manufacturing project, and others are going to do both and even more. Again, it depends on the type of project, PCB, and what you want out of it all so it can work with your schedule and budget. Your assembly manufacturing company can help you decide which is best for you.

Create The Prototype

Once you have decided on a process and design, then it's time to create a prototype and see how everything worked out! This is simple as sending out the desired designs and just waiting on the prototype to be sent back to you.

At this point, you can decide if the process you chose will work for you in the future and figure out what to do with the rest of the batch order. If you like the process, you can stick with it, or try a different one and create a different prototype.

PCB prototype assembly is a very integral part of the PCB process, give it a try with your next project to see the difference it makes in results and quality.

Topics: electronic design and manufacture, PCB Assembling, pcb prototype assembly